15 Disturbing Photos Of Cars On Hydraulics


The word “hydraulics” may bring about visions of flowing water, but when it comes to vehicles, it means things that are way, way different. Car culture and modifications can be pretty zany and niche when it comes to hydraulics. You can take your car, truck, or any four-wheeled vehicle, add in hydraulics and turn into a certified lowrider. Hydraulics can turn your four-wheeler into something that can run on three wheels or jump up and down like an excited schoolgirl on two wheels, just for the fun of it.

Of course, when you win some, you got to lose some as well, and modifying your car with hydraulics means you have to make do with a decent amount of money spent. Also, once you turn a car into a low rider, speed isn’t your friend anymore. If you still think donking out your ride is cool and hydraulics make you badass, here go 15 completely out-there pictures of cars and trucks going crazy on hydraulics.

15 A Jeep On Stilts

A Jeep, On Stilts
via InsideHook

If the picture looks a little too sci-fi movie-like, well, its because the concept is a way out, or should we say, way up. It’s a Jeep on stilts, designed by special effects guy Scott Beverly as a promotional stunt for Verizon’s Hum platform. The idea is simple: when facing traffic, let your Jeep Grand Cherokee ride over it all.

14 Let Trucks Have Fun, Too

Why Cars, Let Go Trucks
via Lowrider

So this hydraulic-pumped pickup truck has been done by CCE Hydraulics, who use it as a promo vehicle to show off their hydraulic prowess. Why else would they make a truck prance the way a young horse does?

13 The Monster Carlo From Roadkill

The Monster Carlo From Roadkill
via Pinterest

While it’s mostly big-sized sedans from the ’50s or ’60s that are turned into lowriders, this one here is a Chevy Monte Carlo from the ‘80s replete with a full set of hydraulics and loads of tires on the roof – riding roughly in the desert as it hops and rides and lets loose on tarmac best left to proper offroaders.

12 Forget The Wheels, Let’s Do The Bed

Forget The Tires, Let’s Do The Bed
via Pinterest

…Or so thought the owner of this golden-hued pickup. Why use the tailgate when you can just tip the contents out in style? Not that lowriders can haul anything with any kind of speed. With hydraulics, these are pickup trucks are “pickups”, only in name.

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11 Add Hydraulics Everywhere

Let’s Add Hydraulics Everywhere
via SpeedHero

When it comes to this pickup, the owner didn’t just add fancy hydraulics to the wheels but also added a rather creative set to the pickup truck bed. While the truck’s wheels do their bit, the pickup truck bed also adds its geometry to the whole chaos on a vehicle that can still run on the road despite all that dancing and stancing.

10 The Very, Very Blue Impala

The Very, Very Blue Impala
via HoustonChronicle

So this is what happens to an Impala Station Wagon once it has sniffed hydraulics. Other than the white roof, the whole of the interiors and exteriors run in a space-age blue, and all of its fleet-footedness has been siphoned off to its hydraulics thus making it an Impala in name only. Most would be able to run faster than this car.

9 A Very Cringeworthy Stance

A Very Cringeworthy Stance
via YouTube

The bottom of a car isn’t supposed to be seen by anyone other than its makers, roadkill and mechanics. This is why this particular shot of a bottoms-up lowrider prancing about in a parade makes us cringe. We don’t want to see the insides, or rather the bottom of any car, so there’s no need for a car to raise its posterior like that. Is there?

8 Help, That Car Broke!

Help, My Car Broke!
via Pinterest

To someone who has not encountered hydraulics before, a car like this may look broken and in urgent need of a chiropractor, if vehicles had one. Despite the front wheels looking in severe distress, the hydraulic pumps are doing all the work here. And if installed correctly, they do their job well.

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7 How High Can You Go?

How High Can You Go
via Lowrider

Lowriders may not be up to everyone’s taste, but do remember that they don’t come cheap. A car like this has many hydraulic pumps attached to its suspension, and each pump puts you back by $500 or so. Anyone who has this done to their car has spare change and is a rather dedicated fan of this car culture.

6 Oh My Eyes, My Eyes

Oh My Eyes, My Eyes
via Pinterest

Since these cars are meant to show off their prowess and chassis parts, having them look spiffy from the bottom up is a good idea and one we hope more lowriders would take up.

5 A Lowrider Parade On The Go

A Lowrider Parade On The Go
via Flickr

While it’s awesome to see so many vintage and classic cars on the road, wait till they start turning their tricks. These are lowriders, and out on a parade of sorts for your viewing pleasure. Of course, don’t expect any need-for-speed drivers in these cars, because hydraulics limit the speed of the car to snail-like crawls.

4 When You Always Like It Shaken

When You Always Like It Shaken
via TruckTrend

The way the bed has been sealed into a wagon-like enclosure on this teal-blue pickup, we can only hope some hard cocktails are being brewed, shaken and stirred within its confines.

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3 Why Just Cars? How About A Bus?

Why Just Cars? How About A Bus?
via YouTube

Hey, big things have big dreams too. So if cars and trucks can do it, why not a bus? Despite the hack job of paint on this one, with some trippin’ stars and stripes and other graffiti that we cannot understand, the hydraulics are doing a fantastic job of taking this bus where no bus has ever gone before.

2 When You Want To Fly

When You Want To Fly
via Pinterest

Maybe this high-reaching lowrider belongs to someone who has aviation dreams, but no actual talent to fly a plane. So the next best thing is to take your car on a trip to hydraulic la-la land, right? Maybe, maybe not, but it seems to suit the car and its owner just fine.

1 Have Van, Will Lowride(r)

Have Van, Will Lowride(r)
via Pinterest

So if it can be done to cars, buses, and pickup trucks, why not a van? And with that grin on the driver’s face, it’s pretty clear whose idea it was to take a perfectly serviceable van in black and turn it into a lowrider that can show off its bottom, but not do anything else a van can do.

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