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Springville police arrested two Utah County residents Friday after a chain saw was stolen from a vehicle.

Officers with the Springville Police Department responded to a local residence Friday on reports of a vehicle burglary. The complainant told police several tools and fishing gear was taken from the owner’s truck overnight, according to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest.

Later that evening, officers were dispatched to another address where a generator had allegedly been left by 29-year-old Levi Shawn Allen of Springville. Witnesses also told police Allen had allegedly placed a chain saw in a duffel bag and left the area with 27-year-old Shawna Lee Davis of Nephi.

Authorities located Allen near 450 S. Main Street in Springville, walking with Davis. When officials initially found Allen, he and Davis were allegedly carrying duffel bags.

An officer stopped to speak with Allen and Davis about the generator when Allen allegedly told him he stole the generator out of the back of a truck, according to arrest documents.

The officer then asked him about the chain saw, which Allen allegedly said he had left at a church located at 800 East and 400 South. Allen allegedly also told the officer he had taken the chain saw from behind a shed at a residence.

The officer than asked Davis about the bag she was carrying, and she allegedly said it was her bag and contained her belongings. Officials were given consent to search the bag, finding a ratchet set, tents and hammocks.

Authorities dispatched an officer to the church where he located the chain saw. The officer who found the chain saw also reported finding several other items, including fishing gear and waders.

Allen was placed under arrest and into handcuffs, and was advised of his Miranda Rights. Allen allegedly agreed to speak with police, telling officials he had been involved in the vehicle burglary that morning and inside the duffel bag he was carrying were tools and a mat that belonged to the vehicle’s owner, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Allen also allegedly told authorities he took the bag containing the ratchet set, tent and hammocks, adding that it had been laying next to a shed near the residence.

According to arrest documents, police asked Davis several times if she had been involved in the burglaries and thefts, and she told police she was not.

While transporting Allen to the Utah County Jail, officials received stills from a business owner’s video surveillance showing a man and woman matching Allen and Davis’ description putting bags into a truck alongside the generator that had been dropped off that morning. Allen then allegedly told the officer he had been with Davis the entire night.

Another officer was dispatched to the church once more to take Davis into custody. After she was transported to the jail, Davis allegedly told authorities she had been with Allen the entire night, helping take items when they were handed to her.

Allen later reportedly told authorities Davis had been inside of the truck when he was taking the fishing gear.

The next day, on Saturday, officers responded to a local residence to follow up with the owner on the case. Allen had allegedly given the officer the address of the man he had taken the chain saw from.

Authorities arrived at the residence and spoke with the homeowner, asking it he was missing a chain saw. The homeowner told police he did not believe so before going into the shed he had turned into a detached garage and finding his chain saw and a pair of binoculars were missing.

The homeowner told police he never leaves anything outside and the chainsaw had been in the shed. Police asked Allen and Davis had entered the shed. Allen allegedly denied having entered the shed, telling authorities the chain saw had been laying on the ground beside the building.

Davis allegedly told police Allen had entered the shed, but she had not. Davis also allegedly told officers she and Allen had entered another garage to take tents.

Allen and Davis were booked into the Utah County Jail under the suspicion of third-degree felony burglary, third-degree felony theft, and two class A misdemeanor counts of burglary of a vehicle.

Both are currently being held at the Utah County Jail and are being held on $11,970 bail.

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