2013 Ford F-150 Transformed Into Show Truck With Slew Of Parts: Video


Trucks are one of the most popular types of vehicles for customization these days, which has spawned a massive aftermarket full of a diverse array of parts. Ford F-150 owners are certainly aware of this, and most every one of them has purchased at least one aftermarket part for their pickup. But this 2013 Ford F-150 up for sale at Kijiji has apparently had an entire catalog of goodies thrown at it.

Unlike a lot of similar builds, however, the many mods performed to this 2013 Ford F-150 work quite cohesively, thus it doesn’t looks like some kind of Frankenstein-like creation. The bulk of that work has taken place underneath the pickup and on the exterior.

The suspension has been fitted with a 6 inch ProComp lift kit, which gives the pickup a great stance and makes room for a set of 35×12.50 inch Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 tires wrapped around 20 inch LRG black spoke wheels. Other suspension mods include a set of Fabtec upper control arms, King Performance coilovers, Res Racing shocks, and a Firestone adjustable rear air ride suspension.

The exterior of this 2013 Ford F-150 has received a bit of an overhaul thanks to a slew of Addictive Desert Design bits including Venom front and rear bumpers fitted with Rigid LED lighting, and a chase rack with a spare tire holder. All of those parts were also re-powdercoated last year, so they look pretty fresh.

The truck’s Ford 3.5L EcoBoost V6 is mostly stock, but has been treated to an AFE four-inch high flow catback exhaust, as well as an AFE twin cold-air induction system for a more aggressive sound and perhaps a few more ponies.

The result of that carefully curated list of parts is an aggressive looking pickup that’s also quite capable off-road. Perhaps even better, its style is wholly unique, which is important when there are millions of other trucks out there that all look pretty much the same.

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