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33rd White Squirrel Annual Car Show Announces Winners – News – Olney Daily Mail – Olney, IL

There were 170 participants at the Olney Park at this year’s event. Winners are as follows:

1900-1949: 1st place, Ellis Trabant, 2nd place, Gary Sherer, 3rd place, Leroy Ingersoll – 1950 – 1959: 1st place, Roger Kinder, 2nd place, Randy Steidl, 3rd place, John and Donna Murberger- 1960 – 1964: 1st place Roger and Ann Copp, 2nd place ,Jim Harness, 3rd place, Mike and Ruma Pottgroff – 1965- 1969: 1st place, Chuck Fields, 2nds place, Burnis Piper, 3rd place, Steve Shaw – 1970 – 1974: 1st place , Jason Cook, 2nd place, Ken Carpenter, 3rd place, Marc Root – 1975 – 1979: 1st place, Tony Wells, 2nd place, Gary Street, 3rd place, Deneal Wilson – 1980 – 1989:1st place, Clay Curten, 2nd place, Melvin Roger, 3rd place, Rick Martin – 1990 – 1999: 1st place, Blade Tellefsen, 2nd place, Joyce Robey, 3rd place John Robey – 2000 – 2009: 1st place, Chip Garrison, 2nd place, Frank Jourdan – 2010 – Present: 1st place, Thomas Reed, 2nd place, Aaron Ferduson, 3rd place, Paul Schnautz – Motorcycles: 1st place, Cheryl Brain, 2nd place, Jim Brain, 3rd place, Tony Berger – Pre 89 Daily Driven : Payton Dale – Past 90 Daily Driven: 1st place, Les McClain, 2nd place, Gary Cimera, 3rd place, Madison Workman

Street Machines, 1st place, Dana Hinrichs, 2nd place, Mark Wilson, 3rd place Bob and Marcia Heckent – Street Rods: 1st place, James Dillion, 2nd place, Kenneth Camp, 3rd place, Don Coomes – Antique Trucks, 1901 – 1994: 1st place, John Cox, 2wd trucks, 1st place Scott Malton, 2nd place, Jason Kern, 3rd place, Levi Fenton – 4wd trucks/jeeps: 1st place, Tim Pointon, 2nd place, Ben Bauman – 2wd trucks mod, 1st place, Paul West, 2nd place ,Terry Stout, 3rd place, Josh and Deb Ochs – 4wd truck/jeeps Mod : Bob and Ruth Cox – 4 Door Class: 1st place, Ron Pollard, 2nd place Tony Schlosser, 3rd place Josh and Deb Ochs – Import: 1st place, Jordan Herteing, 2nd place, John Stanbrook, 3rd place, Bill Schafer -Corvette Class: 1st place, Bob Effland, 2nd place, Ron and Joy Livingston, 3rd place J.J. Miller – Mustang Class: 1st place, Charles Roark, 2nd place, Mike Hasewinkle, 3rd place Aaron Smith – Camero class: 1st place, Don and Edna Brain, 2nd place, Chuck Cimera, 3rd place Tim Martin 

Special Awards: Best of Show and Choice Paint: Kurt Richter, Mayor’s Choice: Mike and Connie Tate, Choice Truck: Jim Johnson, Choice Camaro: Mark Wilson, Choice Mustang: Ricky Knapik, Choice Corvette: Ron and Tay Livingston, Choice Tri-5: Steve Jones, Choice Interior: Joe Thyen, Choice Engine: Richard and Anita Pond, Original Motorcycle: Schere, Custom Motorcycle: Greg Farmer, Original Vehicle: Bob Bdorbon, Custom Vehicle: Billy Hall, Sheriff Choice: Gary and Jackie Huddleston, Non Big 3: Gene Weger, Choice Mopar: Cayden Wa[llace, Choice GM: Bruce Bailey, Choice Ford: Show-Time. 

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the efforts to the coordinators for putting on an outstanding annual show.

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