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A food-truck filled Saturday – News – Olney Daily Mail – Olney, IL

COLCHESTER — Colchester may host one of the very few local Labor Day Celebrations this weekend with the Taste of McDonough County.

On Saturday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., Colchester will welcome more than a half-dozen food truck vendors to town that’ll offer food like tenderloins, barbecue, corn dogs, pizza, and wings. Third Ward Alderman Mike Eddy, one of four city council members who approved the event, said that it’ll revive business for so many food truck operators who have struggled during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to food, the event will also include craft vendors – like one that can be seen at Foster’s Refinishing and Antiques. The two other centers for the event will be located at the city park near the town’s blue water tower, and at The Full Scoop, which is located on Highway 136.

Eddy expects to see the tradition of Colchester residents having Labor Day yard sales continue on Saturday, so he said that it helps to have an attraction in conjunction with those sales.

“I’m really excited to have something to bring people in to our community to purchase items from our residents in Colchester. It’s really going to help them,” Eddy said.

The town will also display fireworks at the conclusion of the event.

As COVID-19 restrictions have forced communities to cancel similar gatherings, Eddy said that it’s critical for people to get necessary social time.

“It’s going to give people some joy in a very tough year,” he said. “It’s vital for our community. Things like this bring our community together. People see each other and they’re not arguing about anything. They’re enjoying food or they’re buying a craft and they’re spending time together.”

For those with concerns about attending, Eddy said that having three different locations for the vendors allows them to space it out safely. He recommends keeping a distance from others and to avoid congregating in large groups.

“If you’re in a situation where that’s (avoiding assembling) not possible, please wear your mask,” Eddy said. “Let’s do the best we can to protect each other while still enjoying our life.”

Eddy thanks Regional Media for publicizing the event, along with the three other Aldermen who voted in approval: Eric Haines, Will Terrill, and Tim Smith. He also looks forward to seeing Luke, a young individual who will operate a lemonade and donut stand – courtesy of Appleberry Orchard – next to Foster’s Antiques.

Looking toward 2021, Eddy hopes to make The Taste of McDonough County an annual event. There’s usually a different annual celebration that takes place on Labor Day weekend, but Eddy said that The Taste of McDonough County could start its own tradition earlier in the year.

“We’re hoping that this is the beginning of something much bigger,” he said.

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