A new Spotz for summer


Summer means many things – fireworks, friends and ice cream – and Shelbyville is about to get a new option for the third.

Spotz Gelato has picked Shelbyville for the location of its new store. It will begin offering its sweet treats today.

“This is our third store here in Kentucky,” said co-owner Beth Richardson. “We started in 2013 with one food truck. It was kind of just going to be a weekend fun thing to do, and it has grown beyond our wildest dreams. We now have seven mobile units and three brick and mortar stores.”

Gelato, Richardson explained, is an Italian ice cream product that is a little bit different from the ice cream most Americans may be used to.

“Gelato is an Italian style ice cream,” she said. “The recipe is a little different and the ratio of milk and cream is different than American ice cream. Gelato has less fat, but it also has more air, so it’ll taste more dense.”

Spotz Gelato is a Kentucky Proud business that makes its own product and uses as much as it can from local farmers.

“Anything that we can source from Kentucky farmers, we do, including our milk,” Richardson said.

That goes all the way back to the farm that Richardson and her husband own in Scott County, which was a key part of how they ended up in the gelato business in the first place.

The Richardsons met a number of nearby farmers as they were participating in charitable giving and, after discovering a small ice cream place while traveling, decided to call on friends to help them recreate the taste they had fallen in love with.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’ll go home and try and make this in my home kitchen, just for us, buying things from these farmers we are already buying from,’” she said. “That’s how the gelato business was born. One too many people said you should sell this, here we are.”

From there, the business grew from the single food truck it started with until it reached a point where it was large enough to open a third location – and Richardson said she chose to open it in a place she was always fond of.

“I’ve always loved Shelbyville. It’s such a charming town in general,” she said. “The Main Street is just gorgeous, and I love this block. I love the antique shops, I love the dress shops, I love the boutiques. I think it’s just a charming mix of things that are happening in this downtown.”

Spotz Gelato opens today and will be open from noon to 9 p.m. on weekdays and weekends.  

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