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A proud partnership

To provide quality road transport equipment for hire, and minimise downtime for fleets Australia-wide, Brown & Hurley PacLease exclusively specifies BPW Transpec axles, suspensions, Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) and Cargo Floor moving floor systems.

Brown & Hurley PacLease offers premium truck and trailer rental equipment and started operations in January 2017. Year-on-year it continues to grow substantially according to Dylan Hurley, Brown & Hurley Manager – Trailer Division, and has always specified BPW Transpec axles, suspensions and Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) on all of its rental equipment.

“We want to retain consistency through the fleet enabling us to quickly source parts while ensuring that the Brown & Hurley parts departments stock what is needed. The team here can take care of everything from vehicle and equipment specification to maintenance and everything in between,” Dylan says – adding that PacLease provides three distinct packages: short-term commercial trailer rental (one day to 12 months), ideal for seasonal demand or when jobs come up that require extra gear; full-service leasing (12 months plus) for long term rentals with maintenance, repairs, registration and stamp duty included in the fees; and contract maintenance where a customer can purchase a new trailer with a maintenance package at a fixed monthly rate.

The Brown & Hurley PacLease trailer fleet is suited for general freight applications and includes A and B curtainsiders (with options for hanging gates or load restraint curtains), curtainside mezzanine floor A and B trailers as well as flat tops (road train ready with three-way pins), road train dollys, moving floor trailers and drop decks with ramps.

“The rental trailers feature BPW Eco Plus axles with drum brakes, BPW airbag suspension and BPW EBS,” Dylan says. “We also use BPW’s Cargo Floor for our moving floor trailers. BPW Transpec axles and suspension systems have proven reliability, this is essential to minimise downtime for our customers. We fit BPW systems to all of our trailer rental fleet, giving us the confidence that our fleet can handle Australia’s often harsh operating conditions.”

Brown & Hurley have a strategically placed network of dealerships offering trailer servicing and parts support.

“We have BPW trained technicians at our dealerships so we can ensure that we maintain our rental fleet to the manufacturers’ recommendations and keep our fleet operating to the highest standards,” Dylan says. “Recently, Brown & Hurley became dealers of Krueger Transport Equipment, and the 22-pallet curtainside B trailers will shortly be joining the rental fleet. All of our trailers are tri-axles, except for the dollys which are bogie axles.”

Dylan says his team emphasise the importance of fitting BPW axles and suspensions to their rental trailers.

“We offer trailer rental from one day to 12 months and anything over 12 months we look at as a lease,” he says. “Depending on the length of the lease we offer existing equipment for lease but where possible we will look at purchasing brand new equipment for leasing where the customer can spec to their own exact requirements. When it comes to trailer leasing, we always encourage the customers to look at BPW products where possible due to our confidence in the product and the aftersales support.”

Overall, Dylan highly rates BPW Transpec’s reputation in the road transport industry.

“At Brown & Hurley, we pride ourselves on providing quality products, service and facilities to all of our customers,” he says. “BPW products are highly regarded in the Australian transport industry, this supports our aim to offer the highest quality trailer rental equipment through Brown & Hurley PacLease.”

Fast Fact
Brown & Hurley, a family-owned dealer of new and used commercial trucks and trailers, operates nine branch locations along the Eastern seaboard of Australia. With state-of-the-art facilities, and access to a portfolio of quality products, it provides efficient aftermarket support for fleet customers. The rental division, Brown & Hurley PacLease, has an exclusive partnership with equipment specialist, BPW Transpec, which helps to keep Australia’s road transport operations on the move. Both BPW and Brown & Hurley share strong business values that ultimately benefit the end user.

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