ACT records three new coronavirus cases linked to Victoria outbreak


The DCMO’s response is basically the same as his colleagues.

“The AHPPC’s [position] on masks has been clear and is now applicable in a Victorian context and that is in areas of increasing community transmission where social distancing cannot be performed, that masks should be considered to be used by individuals, by individuals who cannot socially distance.


“So what I want to emphasise on that point is that the primary protection to stop this virus from getting from one person to another, is, has always been, and always will be, distance between one individual and another.


“In situations like we have in greater Melbourne at the moment, the most important thing is going to be adhering to Stage 3 restrictions, that is designed to decrease movement, decrease mixing and increase distance between people. But if you are in those areas and you find that you are unable to do that, then mask-wearing should be encouraged.


“With regard to the rest of Australia and whether vulnerable people should wear masks, I would simply say that there are vulnerable people around Australia who have very severe immuno-suppressed conditions that are wearing masks already. I treat a number of them in my practice but for COVID-19 specifically, in areas where there are – there is no community transmission like Western Australia, like the Northern Territory and like Queensland, and indeed most of the states and territories, there is no community transmission, that widespread community mask use, it remains the position of the AHPCC that that is not indicated.”

And that’s basically a wrap from Dr Coatsworth’s press conference.

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