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Alta. – Commercial vehicle enforcement in Alberta has been moved to the Alberta
Sheriffs department, within the province’s Ministry of Justice and Solicitor

But truck
drivers shouldn’t expect any significant changes, aside from new uniforms and
eventually armed enforcement officers.

(Photo: Alberta Sheriffs)

biggest change the industry and the public will see is, our shoulder flashes
will change. Other than that, our uniforms are basically identical,” Kathy
Golem, superintendent with the Sheriff’s Highway Patrol told Today’s

vehicle enforcement will be carried out by the same regime that previously
worked under the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement branch. Their vehicle fleet
will gradually be updated to reflect the new Sheriffs markings, Alberta
Sheriffs said in a Facebook post.

The move was
made to increase efficiencies by potentially moving to a single-unit dispatch,
and possibly collocating some officers.

“Bringing the two organizations together will result
in coordinated command and deployment throughout the province, as well as
reduced administration costs. Having CVE officers in the Alberta Sheriffs will
make it easier to fill traffic enforcement positions internally from a pool of
qualified candidates,” Alberta Sheriffs posted.

Sheriffs officers are permitted to carry firearms, and are trained on their
use. This will be extended to commercial vehicle enforcement officers, but the
Covid-19 outbreak has put their training and arming on hold for now, Golem
says. Neighboring Saskatchewan also has armed commercial vehicle enforcement officers.

(Photo: Alberta Sheriffs)

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