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Atlanta man shot by Milledgeville police after going on ‘crime spree’

50-year-old Antonio Martin stole a truck and burglarized two stores in Eatonton. His “spree” also included break-ins at other stores in Baldwin and Hancock County.

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — An Atlanta man was shot in Milledgeville by police early Wednesday morning after going on a “crime spree.”

“So this career criminal, that’s what we’re saying, started this crime spree in Eatonton. Broke into two businesses in Eatonton… stole a pickup truck… came to Milledgeville, broke into a Jet Food store. Then went to Hancock County…. a neighboring county… broke into two more stores down there,” Police Chief Dray Swicord said.

After leaving Hancock County, Martin returned to Milledgeville. That’s when an officer recognized the truck Martin was driving that he reportedly stole in Eatonton.

The officer spotted him at a Jet Food store. After a chase, the officer ended up shooting Martin by the Oconee River Greenway in Milledgeville.

“One of my officers spotted the vehicle at the Jet here. Went to try to pull it over, obviously the truck sped away… came down to the dead end on the Greenway, wrecked. Officer got out of the car. He said what he heard to be a gunshot fired at him and he returned back to them,” Swicord said.

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The officer fired five shots at Martin — one hit him in the leg. Martin is currently in stable condition.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills says they just released Martin yesterday afternoon, just before the spree started, after he served a probation violation there.  

“It’s just real unfortunate he got out of jail yesterday, and chose to do this crime spree all night,” Swicord said.

Swicord says there is body cam footage of the shooting. The GBI has the footage, and they’re doing an independent investigation. 

The Milledgeville officer who fired the shots is on paid administrative leave until the GBI finishes its investigation and turns the findings over to the district attorney.

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