August Fun in Ocean City

Michael Herbert, of Mullica Hill, and his sons, Julian, 2, and Michael, 4, enjoy their weekend getaway in Ocean City.


For little Michael Herbert, there isn’t anything better than warm breezes, the ocean, the beach and, of course, a toy truck.

On Sunday afternoon, the 4-year-old boy from Mullica Hill maneuvered his prized truck around beachgoers who lounged on the 12th Street beach and even propelled it into the water.

His brother, Julian, 2, was a bit more reserved about it all. He carefully scooped sand into a bucket while sitting at the water’s edge and wearing some pretty large, but cool shades.

Their father, Michael Herbert, shook his head and smiled. “They always have a really great time in Ocean City,” he said.

And when it is time to leave, “They go kicking and screaming,” he said with a laugh.

The Herbert family is fortunate that they can make an easy weekend getaway to the shore, he said.

Crowds fill the beaches on a beautiful Sunday in August.

During a gorgeous Sunday, swimmers relished the water. Some dove in, while other bathers just dipped their toes in. Others were just as happy to sit with family or friends under umbrellas, cabanas or just on regular old beach towels.

Judging from the Boardwalk strollers, pizza munchers and ice-cream lovers who filled the boards, there were a lot of visitors taking in the last bits of the traditional idea of summer.

Brothers Tristan Greene, 8, of Binghamton, N.Y., and Aidan, 11, had a full itinerary for their weeklong vacation with their cousin, Angela Daniels, grandparents, Bud Greene and “step-grandma” Joan Gidzinski, and other relatives.

After a morning of swimming, the boys – and their family – sat on a bench on the Boardwalk to enjoy a little lunch time.

Aidan munched on French fries while his little brother opted for a cheeseburger.

“We usually go to Ocean City, Maryland, but with quarantine (because of COVID-19) we decided to come here,” Gidzinski explained.

The family is hooked.

“It is a very nice area to come to relax,” Gidzinski added.

Bud Greene said the family really is enjoying the resort.

“It is just a nice area – not as crowded as other places,” he said.

Bud Greene and Joan Gidzinski, with their grandchildren, Tristan, 8, and Aidan, 11, and their cousin, Angela Daniels, all of Binghamton, N.Y., take a lunch break.

Swimming, surfing, laying out on the beaches, shopping and food seemed to be the top priorities for vacationers.

Gina VanGuilder, of Philadelphia, and her spouse, Jill, and married couple Shanna and Jenna Hilgenberg, of Cherry Hill, were just leaving the beach so their children could enjoy some ice cream and they could stroll the Boardwalk.

“There’s a lot to like in Ocean City. It’s clean. It’s fun for the kids and there is a lot of good food,” Gina VanGuilder said.

The kids were too busy eating their ice cream before the summer sun melted their treats, but their smiles said it all.

The Boardwalk buzzes on a busy August afternoon.

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