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A PSA from the SPCA

The BC SPCA is reminding the public to properly secure animals when driving in vehicles.

A common occurrence during the summer months is dogs riding unsecured in pickup trucks. This is not only a danger to the animal and driver, but it is also a danger to anyone on the road.

In addition to the risk, it’s also illegal.

Section 72 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act and Section 9.3 of the PCA Act prohibit the transport of an unsecured pet in the back of a pickup. 

If you see a dog that is unattached in the back of a truck, the BC SPCA suggests that you call 911 with as much information as possible, including

  • Description of the dog
  • Licence plate number
  • Make and model of vehicle

According to the BC SPCA, animals can go along for the ride but they must be fasten by a crate or a dog seatbelt.

To find out more about securely transporting your pet, click here.

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