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BOUQUET Thank you to all health workers for their dedication to our community. Thank you to the doctors and nurses who put their health on the line for us. Without them, I don’t know where we would be.

BOUQUET To the community health workers of Nanaimo Home Support, who are visiting hundreds of community clients daily during COVID-19, making sure our most at-risk are safe at home.

BOUQUET To my administrative co-workers at public health and audiology for being front-line in the midst of COVID-19. They are screening clients on the phone, the new moms that come into their office with new babies, transporting samples to the hospital – unsung heroes. Sometimes they are forgotten because they are surrounded by nurses, but would be hard to function in public health without them.

BOUQUET A big shoutout to my ICU colleagues. Without your daily laughs, cries, and dedication, I wouldn’t get through each shift. We are all in this together, and thank you for being such amazing and supportive friends.

BOUQUET To the care aide in a senior facility who selflessly offered the use of her personal phone so we could video call with our mom. We appreciate the understanding and compassion she has shown to all of us. We can’t thank her enough.

BOUQUET A huge thank you and admiration for all the community health services clinicians making a huge difference in clients’ lives while they are in their homes, in our community.

BOUQUET To health-care workers. I bow to the nurses and doctors and everyone working. I’m an essential employee, working in the community, it’s just I don’t have to make life decisions and work with actual known, positive COVID-19 patients. We are in this together, people.

BOUQUET Essential workers are greatly appreciated. Really. In a very big way. But health-care workers are critical workers and deserve extra-special appreciation.

BOUQUET When this is over, we should have a national holiday honouring health-care workers.

BOUQUET Thank you to our front line, they are like the soldiers out there risking their lives. Thank you angels!

BOUQUET To LifeLabs at Port Place shopping centre for being on the ball during COVID-19. I had to get blood work done and they were there, suited up in safety gear and still smiling through their protective face masks.

BOUQUET Thank you to my cousin and all the other health-care workers at NRGH. I’m so proud of her for staying strong through the COVID-19 pandemic, not only for her job but the effect it’s having on her wedding planned for this June. Lots of love. Stay home, stay safe everyone.

BOUQUET Thanks to nurses, doctors and the rest of the NRGH staff, as well as health-care workers in seniors’ homes and those types of facilities around the community. You are appreciated.

BOUQUET Much respect for all the front-line workers. You are placing yourself in harm’s way every day to protect those of us in the community. You are today’s true heroes.

BOUQUET So very proud of all of the workers who put their health in danger every day. Keep up the good work and stay well and safe till this is over. God bless all of you.

BOUQUET To health-care workers and all essential workers out there. Thank you! Thank you for leaving the safety of your home every day. Thank you for leaving your children, your spouses or your fur babies to put the community first. Thank you for working even when you’re anxious, when you’re depressed or when you feel helpless over these crazy times. Thank you for putting in long hours and taking extra care. We may not know what tomorrow brings but with an amazing front line I know we will overcome it all. You are true heroes.

BOUQUET Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to get Canadians back on their feet. To all front-line workers, our deepest gratitude.

BOUQUET Thank you to all health-care workers, and people less-recognized like hospital cleaners, kitchen staff, stores clerks delivering medical supplies to hospital staff, to truck drivers who bring those medical supplies to the hospital and to any other person who is out there still doing their jobs so that we are safe and fed. Thank you.

BOUQUET To Kati B. at NRGH emergency. I had the pleasure of having her as our nurse for my little dude; he wasn’t scared, he stayed calm because of her personality. Thank you for being front-line and still making people smile even when in the ER.

BOUQUET I would like to thank all the staff at Nanaimo Serenity Lodge for taking such good care of all the seniors in their care, especially my mom, Judith. In these difficult times these wonderful front-line workers are doing an amazing job. Thanks for all that you do. Stay safe and healthy.

BOUQUET To the public health nurses at the Nanaimo Health Unit for doing the screening and testing of health-care workers and first responders for COVID-19. I applaud you all for taking on this new duty with the mix of care, compassion, and professionalism that you have demonstrated. Thank you.

BOUQUET Big thank you to all the people working in retirement homes right now.

BOUQUET Our heartfelt thanks to all the amazing health-care workers, stay safe.

BOUQUET To all the doctors, nurses, first responders and every single person out there taking care of us. A million thanks isn’t even enough.

BOUQUET Much respect and thank you to all health-care workers.

BOUQUET To the health-care workers I have had the pleasure to cross paths with over the past month. It all started with a screening mammogram with a fabulous and caring professional. Fast forward to surgery for breast cancer at NRGH. In between, I had a multitude of interactions with so many different health-care professionals. Everyone was amazing, caring, professional and yet we managed to share a laugh or two. All of this during COVID-19 and the challenges faced. There are no words to express how grateful I am for the dedication that all of you show to your jobs every day. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

BOUQUET A big thank you to all the staff at Kiwanis Lodge who do an excellent job taking care of my daughter and keeping her safe.

BOUQUET To the Class of 2020 registered nurses, including my daughter Jessie, who just joined the workforce and are eager to start helping, may your careers be long and rewarding.

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