Bendix online school hits user milestone


Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems announced Monday its online training platform at has now surpassed more than 100,000 registered users.

First launched in 2013, Bendix aims to ensure its online content is ideal for integration into customer fleet and training programs, and regularly works with customers and industry groups to craft specialized educational plans based on their needs and size. And, as real-world business conditions continue to drive demand for online training options, distance learning like what can be found on the Brake-School website is increasingly vital tool for keeping North America’s fleets and truck drivers rolling safely, Bendix says.

“Even as in-person training sessions and events have understandably been postponed or rescheduled industrywide, knowledge sharing and access to in-depth, up-to-date technical information remain crucial components of fleet, vehicle, and highway safety,” says Barbara Gould, Bendix director, corporate communications. “Reaching drivers, technicians, distributors, fleet personnel, owner-operators, and anyone in the trucking industry with free expert training when it fits their schedule – that’s been the purpose of since day one. We’re grateful for everyone who’s turned to the Bendix experts as a resource, and we’ll keep working to support their efforts toward safer highways and vehicles.”

Through free registration on the site, Bendix says students can access a curriculum covering the full spectrum of braking and active vehicle safety system product topics, all developed by the Bendix team. Recently added courses cover steering gears, as well as tutorials on Bendix ACom PRO, the company’s recently redesigned and re-engineered diagnostic tool.

Other topics include general education on product features and operation, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance best practices. The portal also includes courses on: Air disc brakes; air dryers; compressors; Electronic safety systems (including side object detection, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring, stability, and collision mitigation); foundation drum brakes; slack adjusters; trailer safety systems; valves and more.

With 89 courses in all, Bendix says its platform explores complex systems in-depth while offering an easy-to-navigate interface. Others discuss highway safety and Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD). The Bendix On-Line Brake School also offers a complete air brake training course designed by the team behind the well-known in-person Bendix Brake Training School.

“Customized programming makes the best use of everyone’s time and resources,” Gould says. “Because training goals, technology needs, and tracking systems vary widely, we’ve made it possible for companies to monitor the participation and progress of registered employees as they work through the On-Line Brake School curriculum. We’re also engaging in remote training sessions set up directly with fleets and technicians.”

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