Berks grocery stores adjust to pandemic shopping


At Redner’s Warehouse in Wyomissing, shoppers are finding that things have come a long way from months ago when the pandemic began.

“It was fine,” Lakindra Wall from Reading said. “I found everything I was looking for, as when it first started there was nothing on the shelf.”

And many are adjusting as best they can to a new normal routine run to the grocery store for a variety of necessities.

“It’s really good when we come in there are wipes right at the door. It’s easier to be able to wipe it off before you touch it,” Regina Haney from Wyomissing Hills said.

As masked shoppers roam the aisles, management is doing its best to balance supply and demand for what those people need for their families.

“It’s going slow but it is getting better, truck by truck,” store director Bill Eschbach said. “Some things are starting to flow back in slowly.”

“As this situation we are all in continues, certain items have become more readily available like paper towels and toilet paper, while other items remain hard to come by.”

“The Clorox wipes stuff like that cleaning supplies,” Haney said.

“Bleach cleaners, you know those type of items are slow to be coming back so hoarding and that stuff would be helpful if you didn’t do that so it allowed everyone a chance to get those items.”

So the uncertainty is becoming a little more certain and stable with each cash register check out scan…

“We tend to be busy right now more in the afternoon and late afternoon early evening it tends to die off as we get more towards the later hours of the night,” Eschbach said.

And management says the hours, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. will remain in place during the yellow phase.

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