Best commuter bikes: Our pick of the best bikes for your commute


Make traffic and crowded public transport a thing of the past, and swing a leg over these commuter bikes for trips to and from work, and short trips out of the house. Commuter bikes go by many names, but, regardless of what you call them, their primary job is the same: to get you and all your stuff from point A to point B, without the need for lycra. The added benefit is that a commuter bike will also let you sneak in a ride as you complete tasks you have to do anyway.

While the best road bikes are designed to go fast and far, the best commuter bikes focus more on the utilitarian requirements of cycling for transport, such as luggage capacity, electric assistance, or foldability.

While most of us are stuck at home right now, in many places you are still allowed to leave the house for essential trips and to get some exercise. Instead of jumping on the trainer for yet another ride through the Zwift world of Watopia, why not swing a leg over a commuter bike and ride to the store instead of driving, or just for a spin around the neighbourhood in your street clothes? Just make sure that you follow social-distancing regulations as recommended by your local municipality, and don’t ride in groups.

Read on for a round-up of some of the best commuter bikes, or jump to the bottom for a rundown of what you should look for in one.

Best commuter bikes

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Creme CafeRacer Solo

A commuter bike for the style conscious

Gears: 7 | Claimed weight: 14.8kg | Sizes available: S/M, M/L

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