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‘Best day of my life’: Birthday surprise includes fire truck, Batman visit


Jen and Josh Jurgens had a “very disappointed” 5-year-old when he found out that, because of COVID-19 concerns, they wouldn’t be able to celebrate his birthday at Pizza Ranch or with their family from Mitchell. 

Jen did her best to explain to their son, David, that they were limited as to what they could do. But behind the scenes, she was brainstorming ways to celebrate him.

“I saw on a Facebook group that people have had the fire department come by,” she said. “David likes firetrucks, so I decided to give it a shot and see what could happen.”

With an idea in mind, Jen went to work last Monday, reaching out to her sister-in-law, whose brother, Brian Rauk, used to be a firefighter at the station on Kiwanis Avenue. Raul, now stationed at the 69th and Louise firehouse, contacted his old station and organized a drive-by to help celebrate his nephew’s sixth birthday.

Suffice it to say, it was a big hit. “David had no idea what was in store for him,” Josh said.

Wednesday afternoon, a Sioux Falls Fire Rescue truck sounded its sirens and honked its horn a few times as it pulled up to the Jurgens house, much to the delight of David. The firefighters inside — donning masks, of course — stuck their heads out the window and wished the youngster a happy birthday and asked him how old he was.

“He had no idea that it was happening,” Jen beamed. “I said, ‘Let’s go sit outside for a second.’ When it came down the street, we pointed and said ‘What’s that?’ He ran into our front yard, waving like a maniac.”

And that wasn’t the only surprise for David.

After waking up to the traditional balloons and streamers on his door, he received a special video message from Batman. Shortly after the firetruck left their house that afternoon, Sioux Falls Batman came by to wish him a happy birthday, too. 

“(That night) David said, ‘This is the best day of my life,'” Jen smiled. 

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