BMW 4 Series Pickup Truck


The BMW 4 Series Coupe is one of the most rendered BMWs in our recent memory. No other recent bimmer has received so much attention as the new 4 Series, largely due to its daring and controversial design. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen several renderings of the 4 Series, from a shooting brake and smaller grille, to today’s special Photoshop.

Even though April Fool’s Day is still a year away, rendering artist X-Tomi Design has decided to give us a rendering of a BMW 4 Series Pickup Truck. Considering that BMW is no stranger when it comes to one-off models for April 1st, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4 Series prototype truck in the future.

Design wise, the 4 Series Coupe has what it takes to take the shape of a truck. The kidney grille is large enough to fit a pickup truck and it has the road presence as well.

Some of you might recall the E92 M3 truck unveiled on Aprils Fools back in 2011. The quirky prototype took everyone by surprise and surprisingly enough – pun intended – has been extremely well received by the community and members of the press. Many have advocated for a production version, but BMW M has held their ground and kept it as a one-off fun exercise.

But it turns out this wasn’t M’s first attempt to make an ute. The first one started with the original, the E30 M3. Many enthusiast owners of the original M3 have cut its roof off, to make an E30 M3 Convertible or Roadster, depending on the owner’s skill, wallet size and patience.

Secret BMW M324 750x500

However, BMW made a proper E30 M3 Convertible, but it was just never released. BMW then took that convertible one step further and made a pick-up truck E30 M3. BMW engineers needed something to haul parts and equipment very quickly with, so they took a regular E30 convertible, converted it into a pick-up and slapped in the M3’s powertrain and suspension.

BMW used this one-off pick-up E30 M3 as a parts transportation device for 26 years. And apparently it still runs like a champ today.

Next, in 2019, BMW showed us what a future BMW pickup truck could look like, using the large platform of the X7 SUV. The unique conversion was put together by BMW Group vocational trainees in cooperation with the Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions at the BMW Munich plant.

Oddly enough, the BMW 4 Series Pickup Truck doesn’t look bad at all. The oversized kidney grille fits better within the overall design while giving the ute a sporty and very dynamic stance.

Of course, this is rendering is pushing the limits and the odds of seeing such a BMW truck on the road are slim to none. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying one artist’s imagination.


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