BP Launches New Campaign Focused on Fuel Efficiency


CHICAGO — BP is highlighting its premium fuel product Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate in a new campaign featuring the significant mileage claim that drivers can get up to 25 more miles per tank in a full size pickup truck vs. regular fuel with highway driving.

Invigorate is a cleaning agent that helps engines defend against dirt to give more miles per tank of fuel.

The campaign is built on consumer insights that show fuel efficiency continues to be very important when choosing a gasoline brand. According to BP, third-party fuel economy testing that spanned typical real-world driving showed that the company’s more-miles benefit is applicable to most drivers of full-sized, half ton pick-ups during highway driving.

A robust advertising campaign promoting the “up to 25 miles per tank” benefit will air throughout 2020. TV and radio commercials feature the emotional benefit of enjoying more car time with family and friends to get the most out of every tank. The campaign also includes significant investment in both digital advertising and on signage at BP and Amoco stations.

With U.S. headquarters in Chicago, BP is a global producer of oil and gas with operations in more than 70 countries.

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