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Buy This 21,000-Mile 1980 GMC 3500 Because They Aren’t Making Any More of Them

You don’t have to be an industry expert to spot a trend in classic collector trucks. All you have to do is drive to any Home Depot and see which pickups are there for show and which ones are hauling cement bags or lumber to a job site. Most trucks reach a point where they’re too old for daily work, though they still create nostalgia for people who grew up sitting in the middle of a cloth bench seat. Right now, square bodied trucks from the late 1970s and early 1980s are the new heaters in the market. Evidence of this can be seen right now on Bring a Trailer with the auction of this pristine 1980 GMC C3500 Sierra Classic.

This one-ton, dual-rear-wheel, crew-cab pickup truck could be considered ahead of its time. I doubt anyone then could have predicted the super-size-me, four-door Tonka trucks some folks wheel today. A 2020 GMC Sierra 3500 looks like a skyscraper in comparison to this C3500 Sierra Classic. 

According to Bring a Trailer, this one-family-owned truck was stored in Montana from 1997 until its rescue in May 2020. The current seller had the Sierra’s original LE8 454-cubic-inch V8 removed and gave it a mild rebuild and detailing. In 1980, this engine was rated at 210 horsepower and 340 pound-feet of torque using a Muncie four-speed transmission. At some point in the truck’s life, an aftermarket Gear Vendors overdrive unit was added, and it has a CB radio like any old truck ought to. 

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