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Caledon makes progress against illegal truck parking – Truck News

The Town of Caledon said it has made significant progress in halting operations and achieving compliance from two illegal transportation depots in the Mayfield area.

The Region of Peel town, located in Ontario’s trucking heartland, said that on Oct. 20 it obtained a Superior Court injunction against 2721146 Ontario Inc. for operations on 8242 Mayfield Road bordering Brampton, that oppose the town’s zoning and fill bylaws.

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The order prohibits 2721146 Ontario Inc. from continuing its illegal use of land and orders it removes offending vehicles and restore the property by an agreed upon date, according to a news release.

Trucks removed

In addition, since obtaining a Superior Court Injunction in January 2023 against the owners of 6086 Mayfield Inc. and 2652876 Ontario Inc., all trucks have been removed from their property as ordered.

Clearance of this property and a neighboring property that was cleared earlier this year ends significant illegal transportation depots along the Mayfield West corridor, the town said.

“This is a great example of staff, residents and businesses working collaboratively to achieve a common goal,” mayor Annette Groves said in the release. “Thanks to resident reports, the support of council and the concerted action of our Illegal trucking task force, we are bringing more trucking operators into compliance, saving tax dollars and freeing up the courts.”

Task force

In 2020, council established the task force – comprised of municipal law enforcement officers, prosecutors and zoning specialists – to address the illegal storage and/or parking of commercial vehicles. The task force aims to work with offending operators, educate them on Caledon’s bylaws and achieve compliance before enforcement action is needed. The task force also launched a campaign to help businesses understand how to legally operate in Caledon.

“By working with businesses to achieve compliance, we will keep Caledon beautiful and safe for residents and visitors,” said Catherine McLean, commissioner of community and human services.

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