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TORONTO, Ont. – Surveyed Canadian
truckers expect health and safety measures like social distancing and face
masks to continue for six months to two years, even as businesses begin to
reopen after Covid-19 shutdowns.

The predictions emerge today
through the preliminary results of a monthly survey of Today’s Trucking
readers, conducted in the past 24 hours.

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When asked how long they
expect such health and safety measures to continue, 35% said they would last
six to 12 months, while 27% said between one and two years. Only 7.5% expect
the measures to become a permanent way of life.

The results align with
thoughts about how long it will take for trucking-related activity to return to
pre-Covid-19 levels. Just under 37% of those surveyed said it will take six months
to a year, while 35% said it will take one to two years. Eight percent said
their businesses have not experienced any change during the pandemic.

But there has been a
significant shift in where some of the work is conducted. Fifty-four percent of
those surveyed said their businesses require office employees to work from home
because of Covid-19. Forty percent believe traditional office employees will
continue to work from home after public health restrictions are eased.

It’s not the only change in
the way business is conducted. Seventy-one percent of those who responded to
the survey say their businesses are using more electronic documents as a way to
promote social distancing. And 89% believe Covid-19 will lead to the expanded
and long-term use of electronic documents.

The surveyed readers feel
relatively safe on the job as it relates to Covid-19. On a scale of one to five,
shifting between high risk and very safe, the average score was 3.8.

Surveyed truck drivers were generally
more optimistic than people who work in the office or maintenance facilities. Forty-seven
percent of the drivers expect the trucking-related activity to return to
pre-Covid levels within six to 12 months. When it comes to the pandemic-related
health and safety measures, 27% expect they will last three to six months, and 41%
said six months to a year.

Fleet executives and other
office personnel lean toward timelines of one to two years (41%) and six to 12
months (33%) when it comes to returning to pre-Covid business levels. They
expect the health and safety measures to last six to 12 months (34%) and one to
two years (29%).

Fifty-three percent of surveyed
maintenance teams expect the Covid-19 health and safety measures to be in place
for one to two years. Yet they rank their personal safety at an average score
of 3.2 out of five.

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