CMA operations partner with Independent Tire Dealer Group


CMA announces Tianli Tires and Double Coin have each partnered with the Independent Tire Dealer Group.

ITDG represents more than 780 independent tire and auto service locations across North America.

CMA’s Tim Phillips, vice president, marketing and operations, says of the Double Coin partnership, “We are thrilled to join forces with ITDG to offer their members the opportunity to improve profitability by adding Double Coin’s competitively priced and premium TBR, OTR and IND tires to their catalog.”

Regarding Tianli, which produces agricultural, forestry and construction tires, Phillips adds, “Through this partnership, we will offer ITDG members the opportunity to increase their value and profitability.”

“We are excited to begin our new partnership with Double Coin Tires,” adds Dave Marks, president and CEO, ITDG. “We want to continue providing our members with strong programs that add value to their business.”

Since 1994, ITDG has been providing their members with programs that offer all the products and services needed to run their businesses, including but not limited to tires, wheels, auto parts, lubricants, equipment, social media, website and marketing support, the group says.

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