Could The Ford Bronco And Mustang Morph Into Distinct Sub-Brands?


A new report claims that Ford is considering turning the Bronco and Mustang into their own individual sub-brands.

Although the latest-generation Ford Bronco has yet to be released, it is claimed Ford could, down the road, make Bronco and Mustang their own sub-brands and launch several models under each brand. The new sub-brands could form part of the so-called ‘Ford Icons’ group.

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“We have to leverage what we’re good at,” a source recently told Autoweek. “What are we good at? Mustangs and trucks. Mustang is a niche product with a great legacy. We need to expand on that legacy. More Broncos is a no-brainer.”

2021 Ford Bronco photo renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

The Ford Bronco will initially be unveiled in two- and four-door guises and then joined by the smaller Bronco Sport, which itself may spawn a new pickup truck. EV and hybrid variants of both can also be expected at some stage in the future, as can electrified versions of the Mustang, the unnamed source added.

“Who knows what the timeframe is in this COVID atmosphere we’re in but yeah, we’re looking at more EVs, hybrids, sedans, crossovers, coupe EVs, convertible EVs, rear-drive, all-wheel drive, you name it. There’s probably going to be a fistfight over a pickup called Mustang, though. The aim is for the Mustang-badged vehicles to be the more performance-oriented of the two sub-brands,” the source added.

While we would not be shocked in the slightest to see Ford make Bronco into its own sub-brand, it could run the risk of alienating enthusiasts if it spins-off the Mustang badge. That being said, it has already softened us up with the Ford Mustang Mach-E, a vehicle that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

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