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There is much unknown in these unprecedented times. However; what we do know is that the transportation industry will be critical in helping all Canadians through these trying times. With that said, we do need to implement a few changes to enable us to not only continue effectively but also limit the risk of spreading the virus. Social Distancing has now become a part of the day to day language and is proving to be an effective tool in combating the virus. Therefore, we will be taking steps to limit interaction and thereby “flatten the Covid-19 curve”. Effective Monday March 23, we will be implementing several changes in how we do business to achieve this goal.

Hours of Operation

• At both facilities (Ayr and Guelph), we will have two (2) work groups under the same shift times at each location as laid out below. Group members will not be interchangeable once in place and rotation as this will defeat the purpose of no interaction between the two groups.
• Group 1 – 8 AM to 3:30PM Monday to Friday; Saturday 8 AM to 1:00PM; Sunday Closed
• Group 2 – 4 PM to 12:30 AM Monday to Friday
• Salespeople will be available by phone and email as usual and we ask you to call and not visit the facility with out an appointment.
• Parts department will deliver parts, but we ask you to meet them outside the door, so they don’t have to enter your facility. If you are picking up parts and call ahead, we will have the order ready and meet you in the parking lot.
• Service department will be open as per the hours above, but we ask you to call first and if possible, email your list and we will make up the work order and meet you in the parking lot.
• Admin is available by phone and email.
• All vendors must call in to parts department and answer questions before entering and if allowed in building they will have to visit front parts counter and you will have to fill out a form with personal info and answer pertinent questions so we can protect are employees.

Please follow the following precautions if you need to visit our facilities

If you don’t need to visit in person, please respect our employees and utilize the phone or email.
• If you are sick, please respect our employees and stay away.
• If you have just returned from traveling and have not self isolated for at least 14 days, please respect our employees and stay away.
• Wash hands before entering if possible and we are working on having hand sanitizer at entrance.
• Respect the health recommendation distance of 2 meters (6’) in all areas.
• Listen to the Health Canada recommendations.

These are currently difficult times and there will be challenges as we make this temporary adjustment. How temporary remains unknown and we do not have a set timeline.

I sometimes find myself frustrated and worried with what’s going on today and then I take a moment to stop and look around. Worldwide, Canada wide, Ontario wide; and Waterloo Region as a whole…we have it pretty good here and we all need to work together to protect that by looking out for each other…Let’s work safe and smart – that is everyone’s responsibility!

I thank you all for your support as we implement this new plan.

Jeff Cassidy
President – Highway Western Star

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