Dana adds calculator tool to e-commerce site to aid transactions


Dana Incorporated announced Tuesday its e-commerce platform DanaAftermarket.com now features a variety of time-saving calculators to help service professionals determine important values promptly and precisely.

Dana says visitors to its site will find the following calculators that will help them make critical calculations quickly: cubic inches/liters, driveline operating angle, driveshaft safe operating RPM, engine displacement, engine RPM, fuel savings, gear ratio, horsepower and torque, rod ratio, tire height, torsional analysis, and transmission ratio RPM.

“At Dana, we are committed to providing digital solutions that help customers become more efficient when making critical driveline repairs,” says Dan Griffin, senior director, aftermarket and digital solutions, Dana.  “The time saved by using Dana’s online calculators translates directly to increased shop productivity and profitability.”


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As an example, Dana references its torsional analysis calculator. Universal joint operating angles are crucial in preventing the torsional and inertial effects that can damage many of the driveline components.  To address this, Dana says a service technician could add shims between the frame and axle, drive the vehicle to check for vibration, and repeat this lengthy process over and over until the problem is resolved. But with Dana’s torsional analysis calculator, the tech can quickly check the vehicle’s driveline installation for torsional and inertial problems from their computer, the company says. By entering the driveline installation data into the fields, the calculator will perform an instant torsional and inertial analysis, so the tech can revise the data and efficiently correct the problem, the company says.

To access the online calculators, visit www.DanaAftermarket.com/calculators.

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