Dayspring Restoration disinfects emergency vehicles | Local News


Officer Christiano Esparza pulled into Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply on West Broadway on Friday afternoon, and Dayspring Restoration was ready. 

Once the Missoula Animal Control officer stepped out of his truck, a team of employees, wearing respirators and head-to-toe protective gear, got to work. They first used a solution to clean dirt and soils from the truck’s interior, then used hospital-grade sprayers to push disinfectant inside. 

Esparza, who picks up animals from the homes of people who are hospitalized, appreciated the service. “It was nice today,” he said, “just that there’s extra reassurance that the back of my truck could be cleaned.”

Missoula-area businesses have sought to aid the coronavirus fight in a variety of ways, from making face shields to delivering customer-sponsored boxes of pastries to first responders. Dayspring Restoration had parked its truck and stationed employees in the parking lot all afternoon to disinfect first responders’ vehicles free of charge. 

“We thought we could help the first responders,” said Tim Malone, Dayspring’s asset and logistics manager. The company’s cleaning expertise, he said, is “a service we’re more than willing to provide.” 

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