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East Manufacturing customizing rendering trailers

East Manufacturing says its rendering trailers can be customized to meet the specific needs of customer applications.

Rendering trailers are used to haul meat and poultry byproducts that are inedible by people. Rendering reclaims about 99 percent of the unwanted meat, bone and fat, and transforms it into ingredients for countless products. Rendered products are used in soaps, paints, lubricants, caulk, candles, cleaners, plastics, fertilizers, pet foods and many other day-to-day products.

Whether an application requires a moving floor or a tipper rendering trailer, East says it ensures each of its rendering trailers have liquid tight seals and adequate draining. The six floor cleanout drains, three down each side of the trailer, release liquids from the trailer body. The drains are covered on the interior body with a hinged cleanout cover, which directs liquid to flow through while preventing solids from covering up the drains. The trailer is equipped with front and rear splash guards in various lengths to keep debris and liquids from splashing over the front and rear of the trailer, the company says.

Additionally, the 1/4-in. thick rear corner posts wrap completely around top and bottom rails and interlock to add strength, reducing side-to-side distortion.

East says each trailer can be custom engineered with blood tanks, mid-body gates, cleanout drains, hinger cleanout covers, water-sealed tailgate, splash guards, tarps and lids — all available for dumping and non-dumping applications.

Other features are said to include:

  • An optional blood tank can easily be mounted in front of the trailer bulkhead.
  • Mid-body gates can be installed to separate loads when a load has various meat and poultry byproducts together in a trailer load. The East mid-body gate is hinged below the top rail, which allows a load to be dumped with the tarp on.

Like East dump trailers, East says its rendering trailers incorporate lightweight and longer-lasting components to deliver the ideal balance of low weight for more payload and heavy-duty strength for more durability with its rendering trailers.

The East design also uses high-quality premium aluminum alloy in its composition. The unique 2-in. thick, double-wall extruded aluminum panels are robotically-welded together vertically inside and out to prevent caustic liquid and blood from penetrating the joints where it could cause crevice corrosion. East says vertically welding inside and out provides superior strength and resistance to twisting, resulting in long life and durability. This results in the trailers being easier to maintain and repair, delivering maximum return on your investment, the company says.

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