Engs debuts floor plan financing program


Engs Commercial Finance Co. announces its Working Capital subsidiary, Engs Commercial Capital, is now offering floor plan Financing to qualified dealers and equipment manufacturers.

“Engs is committed to helping our OEM and vendor partners grow their businesses. Engs is already an industry leader in providing retail finance options to the Transportation, Industrial and Construction space,” says Engs’ Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jim Freund. “Now with our floor plan financing offering, Engs offers a full suite of products to help our OEM and vendors better manage their inventory and retail sales.”

Freund says the program provides an easy option for dealers to acquire additional inventory, and that the product works closely with the company’s customer finance retail programs “to create a better customer experience.”

Manufacturers can expect increased sales and create cash flow by receiving immediate payment for commercial equipment. Additionally, offering a floor plan financing option to a manufacturer’s dealer network can drive brand loyalty and increase market share, the company says.

According to Tania Daniel, managing director, Engs Commercial Capital, “We believe the floor plan market is currently underserved. The ECC floor plan finance option will allow us to better service the current Engs network, as well as other manufacturers and dealers nationwide.”

In addition to floor plan finance, Engs says its industry-specific solutions such as equipment financing, receivable financing, parts and service financing, insurance, and more, provides dealers with solutions from a partner they can trust.

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