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WOODBRIDGE, Ont. – Fastfrate Group has purchased cross-border carrier Bestway Cartage and Bestway Global Limited, giving it a stronger foothold in the U.S.

Bestway has been in business since 1976, serving the Ontario and U.S. markets. Discussions regarding this deal began about two years ago, Fastfrate reported, and Bestway moved into its Woodbridge facility in September 2019.

(Photo: Fastfrate)

“There couldn’t be a better fit for us right now,” said Manny Calandrino, president and CEO of Fastfrate Group. “As our group continues to grow and build momentum, the next logical step was to increase our foothold in the U.S. marketspace. Bestway brings a lot of great experience and relationships to our group, allowing us to better-serve our customers on both sides of the border.”

He added: “The integration of Bestway into our operation allows us to keep all north and south-bound shipments in our care and control from pickup to delivery. A closed-loop method for cross-border shipments reduces the amount of touch, accelerates transit times and keeps the process very simple for our customers.”

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