FCA CEO Doesn’t Rule Out A Ram EV Pickup Truck


During all of this commotion surrounding the ever growing electric truck market, FCA has been notably quiet. While competitors like Tesla, Ford, GMC, Bollinger and Rivian have all been forthcoming with plans for their electric trucks, there hasn’t been a Ram EV rumored at this point. According to a report from The Detroit News however, FCA CEO Mike Manley isn’t entirely opposed to the idea.

According to the report, Manley told an analyst on an earnings call that FCA North America could pivot to electrify the Ram lineup should the market require that decision. However, the CEO noted that the company has yet to pursue this route because they view interest in the segment as “nonexistent”. That is a bold position for FCA to take, especially considering the sheer number of competitors joining the segment over the next few years.

Image Via FCA.

FCA aren’t exactly known as a company that follows suit with the rest of the industry however. (Need we say more than Hellcat?) Ram trucks have been bringing the fight to GM in the race for second place on the sales charts in recent years, and perhaps they feel as if their strategy is working. Maybe Ram buyers genuinely aren’t interested in a Ram EV. If so, are other manufacturers misreading what buyers are actually looking for?

Even if a Ram EV is not currently in the pipeline, FCA has committed to electrification in other segments. Jeep is aiming to become the greenest SUV company in the near future, with plans to roll out models like the Wrangler 4xe by the end of the year. That said, this is the first time we’ve heard such a hardline stance from a manufacturer about the electric truck segment. It’s even more surprising to hear it from a company that sells so many pickups powered by old fashioned gasoline.


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