Few samples tested only in the name for formalin testing

16 Jul 2020  |   05:46am IST

Like Pollem, Like Margao: Few samples tested only in the name for formalin testing

Up to 50 trucks daily, two officials and all behind closed doors; The transparency test has not been passed

The vehicles including mini trucks, trucks and rickshaws on an average contain 330 boxes of 25 kgs fish and 150 cartons of 60 kg each. A truck carries 9 tonnes of fish on an average which is worth in lakhs. The figures give an idea how thorough the checking of fish can possibly be.

But in reality this happens. Only a couple of fish samples are tested for the chemical contaminants. Vigilant people, who came to the market, questioned the officials on why the tests are not being conducted in a transparent manner, to which they did not have an answer.  

 The fish trade at the Wholesale market is a business that runs in crores. However, there are many loopholes in the entire system; and the fact that this market, serves almost all the major markets across all the talukas right up till Valpoi and Bicholim, has raised fear among the consumer. 

 The SGPDA has put their system in place to ensure that checking is done. However, with two officials and with up to 50 trucks coming to the market daily, several whole sellers from other States are having a field day either selling the fish outside or going unchecked.

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