Filter bypass system for Ford trucks


Hot Shot’s Secret’s debuts its quick-install Frantz Bypass Filter System for 6.0- and 6.4-liter Ford Powerstroke engines.

According to the company, the system installs in five minutes and removes up to 96 percent of all wear particles from engine oil for improved engine protection, engine life and extended oil drain intervals. Hot Shot’s Secret says the Frantz Filter System can filter oil more than ten times finer than an OEM filter, as fine as 2 microns, to keep oil consistently in a like-new state.

“As with all the products we manufacture at Hot Shot’s Secret, this product was developed because we recognized a need,” says Eric Trimble, LSI brand marketing specialist.

The custom system includes a Frantz filter, an oil filter cap, an oil-fill cap, a gasket and two quick-release pre-made stainless-steel braided hose lines. With this system, unlike others on the market, the company says there is no major assembly required; just tighten fittings to install. The only tools needed for installation are a 9/16 in.. wrench and a crescent wrench. The base mounts to the truck with powerful magnets for a no-drill installation, the company says.

“The ability to provide all components necessary for a quick and easy installation was our goal. We knew the oil filtration process of our Frantz Filter System was world-class, filtering oil more than 10 times finer than an OEM filter, so we wanted installation to be equally as easy and effective. While we started with the 6.0 and 6.4-liter Powerstroke, we have plans to extend the quick installation feature to our other model-specific Frantz Filter kits soon,” Trimble adds.

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