Flamborough restaurants, gym take cautious approach to Stage 3 reopening


Staff training is key to the business’s reopening as are new cleaning protocols. The team is currently sourcing personal protective equipment and cleaning products with the hopes of welcoming members starting on August 7.

“We’re going over and above,” said Drake, who wants to ensure members feel safe and comfortable when they return to their circuit-style workouts.

“Let’s just get everything ready and make sure we do it right and not kind of rush into it.”

As he eyes his boutique gym’s reopening, Drake plans to operate at 50 per cent capacity but the gym’s model of working out on people’s own schedule will still apply.

“We have to put members on every other round. That’s going to allow the proper distancing, keeping everybody safe, complying with the rules,” he said.

Given the health risks associated with wearing a mask during a high-intensity workout, members at 9Round won’t be required to cover their face. This, however, will mean strict adherence to cleaning protocols and stringent sanitizing routines.

Drake expects he’ll lose some clients but the staff at 9Round Fitness is looking forward to greet those who do turn up.

“I think once they see the protocols and procedures that we’ll be doing, they’re going to be pretty happy with it,” he said.

At Tea at the White House, retail and online sales are doing well, with owners May and husband Connor Skingley adapting to a new normal.

As they gear up for the reopening of their indoor dining facility, the restaurant staff is changing the table arrangement, which will inevitably mean less seating for guests and a potential decrease in sales.

“It’s definitely going to have an effect on us,” said May, who mentioned the removal of at least one table that could seat four people. “I think we’re probably going to lose at least half and it also depends on if we can properly distance, so we may in fact lose a little bit more as well.”

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