Food truck block party held during Black Restaurant Week


BATON ROUGE, La. (BR Proud News) – Restaurants on wheels got the chance to showcase their cuisines at the black restaurant week food truck block party.

Baton Rouge resident, Alexis Dodson said, she wanted to get out and support the local businesses. “I ended up buying this from the plant base vegan place. I shopped over here with this guy” said Dodson.

Business owners were able to set up shop at Millennial Park, bringing their food to the community.

“It’s a socially distant block party as you can see we have space right. We wanted to do this outside still in the spirit of Black restaurant week, still trying to promote and encourage everyone to go out and shop black” said Geno McLaughlin, Black Restaurant Week’s organizer.

Shugga Shacc’s owner, Nancy Thomas said, events like this are needed especially for people like herself who are simply living their passion.

“It’s just so hard with the competition of everything like having to compete with such large businesses and a lot of us are actually using our own funds and just taking a chance on life basically to step out on faith and do what you enjoy doing” said Thomas.

The outdoors event also followed guidelines set by the city, encouraging people to mask up and keep their distance.

“Signs for social distancing, stay keep your distance and to wear your mask as well. It’s one thing to tell everybody but we want to enforce it” said Cameron Jackson, CEO of Millennial Park.

The sun may have been beaming down but that didn’t stop people from enjoying the food, music, fun and buying locally black.

“Come on out and try to be a part of this. Don’t be scared to come, I don’t know anybody here, I’m here with my boyfriend. We just like to come out and support.”

For more information about the week and Black-owned restaurants and establishments across the area, click here.

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