Food truck event to replace annual carnival this weekend for Mountville Fire Company


Usual carnival-goers can still help out the fire company by eating at the food truck event replacing the carnival this year.

MOUNTVILLE, Pa. — Last year, Mountville Fire Company in Lancaster County earned approximately $18,000 through their annual carnival. It’s usually their biggest moneymaker of the year.

It costs around $5,000 for one firefighter to have the proper gear, and more than $500,000 for a fire truck, according to Mountville Fire Company Captain Bryan Duquin, Jr.

So, with the COVID-19 crisis axing the usual carnival, the company knew they still had to find a way to make money.

“We can’t just not make funds, we’ve got to keep our doors open,” Duquin said.

After some debate and realization of the popularity of food trucks, the decision came pretty easily for the fire company. They say they are confident they will be adhering to CDC guidelines.

“Drive up concept was based on guidelines we’re seeing, state and federal as well as local,” Duquin said. “Just trying to limit exposures, interactions and truly keeping to social distancing.”

Looking at the map, those wanting to visit the event will enter at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Columbia Avenue. Their parking lot will be a holding area, as the number of vehicles allowed to enter Froelich Park will be monitored and limited.

“We’re going to keep the number of vehicles in the drive area limited when getting food. At no point will people be out of their vehicles,” Duquin said.

There will be representatives outside each food truck taking and delivering orders to vehicles. Approximately three vehicles will be allowed at a truck at a time, with around 10 food trucks expected to participate.

“They can truly drive up to every single trailer if they wanted to,” Duquin said.

This being the first time for an event like this, the fire company asks for your patience and cooperation if you visit.

“We anticipate large crowds, we’ll try to get everybody through in a quick timely fashion,” Duquin.

The event runs from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. For times of operation and constant updates throughout the days of the event, Mountville Fire Company will be posting updates on their Facebook page.

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