Food Truck Tuesday Postponed


Dozens of food trucks from all over prepare for “Food Truck Tuesdays” all year long. Tuesday, April 28, was supposed to be the start of the season.

“This was a very huge thing for us, we were building the community, building the food truck community and not being there, it feels very weird,” Jonathan Rowan said, the manager of The Cheesy Chick.

Following the City of Buffalo’s decision to cancel major events out of precaution amid the coronavirus pandemic, vendors say they are understanding and willing to support their community in any way they can.  

“The food truck is at Millard Fillmore giving away free food to the nurses. Not having Larkin right now helps us give back more to the community who needs it more than an event that can wait a month or two,” Rowan added.

The food truck vendors who spoke with Spectrum News say they don’t know if Food Truck Tuesdays will be back this year, but in an effort to keep business cooking, some trucks are still open and doing as many deliveries as they can.

“At least half of us are still running, my truck was still in storage but we’re still doing catering. Most of the time we’re dropping stuff off right at the doorstep because then we don’t come in contact with anyone, but we’re still trying to spread positivity,” Danielle Sass, the owner of Sassy Cakes, said.

Most of the food truck vendors say they are doing delivery and pick-up.

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