Food Trucks Struggle as Coronavirus Impacts Food Industry


RALEIGH, N.C. — We all know the service industry is struggling because of the pandemic and food truck owners are no exception.

Food trucks have seen a massive drop in sales with food truck festivals canceled and many people still not venturing out.

Spring and summer are the best time for food trucks. On a good day, a truck can bring in around $2,700 but since the start of the pandemic sales have taken a hit.

Heladio Hernandez, who owns Holy Mole Enchiladas says, since the beginning of March, sales have dropped by 50 percent.

“It’s very hard to survive with COVID-19. I’d like to ask the community to support small local businesses, because food trucks and restaurants are really suffering with this pandemic,” Hernandez says.

According to him, working in such close quarters means safety is coming first.

“We’re wearing masks, gloves in the truck, we have sanitizer. Now, with the heat it’s really hard, it’s super hot but we get used to it,” Hernandez states.

To minimize contact with customers, the majority of people place orders and pay ahead online through sites like Street Food Finder. They select a pick up time and get a text from the truck when it’s ready.


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