Free meals provided to essential truck drivers leaving for U.S.


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Some of the underappreciated essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic — truck drivers — were given a token of thanks Thursday in the form of a hot lunch.

With many restaurants and drive thru windows closed or unavailable to truckers, volunteers from the local Sikh community are partnering with an international Sikh charity to provide hundreds of meals a week. They set up outside the duty free store on the Windsor side of the Ambassador Bridge Thursdays and Sundays from noon to 2 p.m.

“Everyone is really grateful, they enjoy the hot meals and it’s just nice to be able to have that touch of community when we’re all physically distancing and adjusting to this new normal,” volunteer Japman Kaur said during the launch of Khalsa Aid Meal Service for Essential Workers. Other essential workers who help goods move across the border, like Canada Border Services Agency officers, were also welcomed to partake. The spot is a regular stopping point for truck drivers who need to fuel up or use the restrooms. Many are facing long trips in the U.S. with few places to stop for meals, said Kaur.

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