GM’s top exec hints at a promising off-road future to rival Jeep, Bronco


Fans of The General and its products have been watching with pained expressions these days as Ford rolls out a new Bronco and Jeep stuffs the nose of its Wrangler full of V8 muscle. However, a new report suggests GM loyalists will soon have some new toys for the sandbox.

During the company’s hour-long Q2 earnings call, a dry-as-bones affair that sometimes results in product revelations, top suit Mary Barra spoke about GM’s aspirations for increased market share in the off-road segment. Specifically, it was mentioned the company is looking at each brand as it relates to off-road rigs and is continuing to build its offerings in such at GMC.

Also mentioned by Barra in her response? Hummer, a name scheduled to reappear in GM showrooms later this year. It has been revealed Hummer is going to pop up as a branch of the GMC tree and, most importantly, will be an all-electric machine. The promise from Barra in the earnings call that we will see “true capability there” with regards to the off-road segment is notable. After all, a hallmark of EVs are their ability to produce maximum torque at zero rpm, so the prospect of a Hummer with off-road gear and instant-on torque is very appealing.

Currently, there are a few options for off-road fun at GM, despite their cupboard being bare in terms of a Bronco/Wrangler competitor. The gritty AT4 trim has been expanded to just about everything GMC makes, and is very nearly a full-fledged sub-brand in the ilk of Denali or Avenir.

An analyst on the call specifically asked if AT4 would migrate to other brands, but the official response was decidedly non-committal. Your author thinks the chance of that is low. Barra did say “as well as Chevrolet” in relation to continuing to build off-road offerings, which could be a glimpse into the appearance of a Raptor-fighting Silverado ZRX within the next couple of years.

As for Hummer, company spox have also confirmed it will be revealed in Q4 of this year, meaning it’ll pop up any time after Pumpkin Spice lattes appear at Starbucks but before we’re saying good riddance to 2020. In her closing comments, Barra described the upcoming GMC Hummer EV as the “world’s first super truck,” a large statement we hope isn’t an exaggeration.

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