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Goshen bans large trucks downtown


GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) – The City of Goshen has banned heavy trucks in its downtown business district.

On Tuesday the Goshen Common Council approved a ban on commercial trucks 20 feet and longer from traveling on Main Street between Madison and Pike.

The ban basically completes a dramatic transition. A section of Main Street that was once a designated truck route will soon be a truck free.

Main Street itself is half the street it used to be. It has gone from four travel lanes to two, while angled parking, four way stops, and planters have been added.

Main is no longer a designated part of US 33 and State Road 15.

In short, it is now a place where bicycle riders roam freely and big rigs will soon be banned.

“We’ve had the store here since ’92 but this was all talked about before I came in ’92,” said Scott Woldruff of Woldruff’s Footwear and Apparel.

There were years worth of hurdles to clear, an $18.9 million bridge to build, and some nerves to be calmed in the business community.

“When we were switching 33 over a street I was initially a bit worried that it might harm the traffic that comes through town,” said Keith Graber Miller with Found. “We have the traffic in town that we really want.”

While it took a long time to remove truck traffic, perhaps all the work is concluding at a critical time in light of the COVID crisis.

“As we know now it’s really important that people are really wanting to sit outside so all of our restaurants are trying to create more outdoor seating so the timing for this really couldn’t be better,” said Gina Leichty with Downtown Goshen inc.

“Obviously if your going to sit outside or you’re going to walk it’s less relaxing when you hear the truck gears and the exhaust from trucks,” added Goshen Common Council member Julia King.

The truck ban applies to rigs 20 feet and longer. It does not apply to trucks that are making deliveries to businesses on Main Street.

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