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Government funds Montreal port infrastructure – Truck News

Minister of transport, Pablo Rodriguez, announced today the government will invest up to $16.75 million for a project at the Port of Montréal under the National Trade Corridors Fund.

This project consists of adding a fourth track on the Pie-IX railway bridge and building a storage area. The rehabilitation of the railway bridge, including the fourth track, involves adding 500 meters to the railway network of the bridge.

Port of Montreal
(Photo: Port of Montreal)

“This initiative will enhance safety, increase rail capacity, and reduce environmental impacts, underscoring our commitment to strategic infrastructure development and economic growth,” Rodriguez said in a news release.

The project will help to reduce environmental impacts by using rail freight over trucking, according to the government. The funds are meant to preserve the long-term viability of the port’s container terminals, increase rail capacity to boost the port’s commercial value by more than $1 billion annually, reduce freight costs, and strengthen modal interconnectivity at the port site.

“The support of the federal government enables us to consolidate the intermodal platform that is the Port of Montreal, and to strengthen the resilience and rail connectivity of our facilities, to the benefit of all our users,” added Julie Gascon, CEO of the Port of Montreal.

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