Hendrickson acquires slack adjuster business


Hendrickson announced Monday it has acquired the Motor Wheel Brake Drum & Crewson slack adjuster business segments, based in Chattanooga Tenn., and Berea Ky., from STEMCO.

Hendrickson says the business segments will operate as a division of Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems. The Motor Wheel & Crewson names will be kept and used as a product name going forward.

“This acquisition will provide a platform for Hendrickson to advance our light-weight drum brake system performance and provide components that will complement our existing product portfolio,” says Gary Gerstenslager, Hendrickson president and CEO. “We look forward to working with our new associates and strengthening our business ultimately serving the commercial truck and trailer industry.”

This news follows STEMCO’s prior sales announcements of its Goodyear air springs and brake products lines over the past year.

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