Hennessey is building just three 1,200bhp, 6×6 Ram TRX trucks


Goodbye, space-time continuum, we’ve had a good run. Meet the Mammoth 6×6, the most powerful truck ever built by Texan tuner Hennessey Performance Engineering.

Using a 2021 Ram TRX truck as its base, HPE plans on applying a new six-wheel-drive setup, fully upgraded off-road suspension, a bespoke interior, new front and rear bumpers and other niceties like LED headlights.

Oh, and a Helliphant.

A specially-tuned 7.0-litre Helliphant engine, replacing the Ram’s factory-fitted Hellcat engine, delivering no less than 1,200bhp. “Mammoth 6×6 powered by a 1,200bhp Helliphant motor is just a completely ridiculous idea, which is exactly why we are doing this,” explains HPE boss John Hennessey.

Only three Mammoth 6x6s will ever exist, and each one starts at a cool $500,000, though that does include the base Ram TRX. It doesn’t include shipping and VAT, nor the cost of the surgery you’d require after a few full-throttle blasts down an empty runway.

So, the most powerful – and most expensive – Hennessey ever built is coming.

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