Here are the patch notes for PUBG’s Update 8.1


Season eight of PUBG is almost here, bringing with it massive changes to the island of Sanhok, a new way to gear up with the Loot Truck, the start of the next ranked season, a new survivor pass, and more.

Sanhok is receiving a complete rework, with locations and landmarks being improved across the board.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for PUBG’s Update 8.1

Sanhok remaster

The main feature of Update 8.1 is the new and improved Sanhok. The map has been reworked from the ground up to look better, perform better, and offer more balanced gameplay.

Sanhok key landmark changes


Image via PUBG Corporation

Bootcamp has been completely reworked. The developers wanted to keep it a hot location while improving the feel and competitive conflict in the area.


Image via PUBG Corporation

The old version of Quarry was a terribly imbalanced experience. The devs have done a lot of work to make it a unique location that’s fun and fair for those who find themselves in it.

Airfield (previously Mongnai)

Image via PUBG Corporation

The farm area in the northeast has been replaced with a new Airfield. The Airfield has a chance to spawn the Motor Glider. This is the only place you’ll be able to find it on Sanhok.

Getaway (previously Docks)

Image via PUBG Corporation

Getaway is a loot-packed resort town designed to separate tourists from their money, featuring poolside bars, a boardwalk, and Sanhok’s premier dance club.


Image via PUBG Corporation

The devs have reworked the surrounding area of Ruins, making it the massive, labyrinthine, and deadly destination it should be with plenty of loot.


Image via PUBG Corporation

The mountainous area in Sanhok had a number of issues relating to gameplay. Players caught up with the blue zone approaching were left with few options. The devs have added additional pathways to reach the mountain, including some flanking options.


Image via PUBG Corporation

A subterranean temple has been added to the Cave.


Image via PUBG Corporation

The River gives players more options to cross. A few bridges have been added, as well as additional coverage on some existing bridges and further cover on river banks.

Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong

Image via PUBG Corporation

All four of these towns have received some reworks, adding verticality, interesting things to explore, new ways to fight, and venues to battle over the new Loot Truck as it passes through.


Image via PUBG Corporation

Bhan has been removed and replaced with a normal set of houses. This area should now be a more defensible position to loot and control.

New feature: Loot Truck

Image via PUBG Corporation

The Loot Truck is a new feature that gives players an additional way to gear up. Trucks spawn in one of several garages around the island and drive along roads, enticing players to attack then. As these trucks take damage, they’ll drop some loot and continue on their way. Players who destroy the truck will be rewarded with an even bigger cache of weapons and gear.

  • Up to four Loot trucks are spawned at the start of the match
  • Each truck is spawned separately inside of one the special garages scattered around the map
  • When a truck is destroyed, a new truck will be spawned from the garage
  • A total of 8 Loot Trucks can spawn in a single match

The loot

  • Loot Trucks can be damaged and destroyed with weapons/throwables
  • The loot truck, however, takes reduced damage compared to other vehicles, due to its heavy armor
  • Small or large lootable containers fall from the Loot Truck as it’s damaged
  • Upon being destroyed, Loot Trucks explode and give access to a large amount of top tier loot, including possible exclusive weapon loot
  • Exclusive weapons are pre-skinned, specially named weapons decked out with attachments

Loot Trucks don’t currently spawn in ranked matches.

Sanhok balance update

The remastered Sanhok will feature mostly similar item spawns to the previous iteration of the map. But there are some changes:

  • Panzerfaust added to world loot
  • C4 has been removed from Sanhok
  • Vehicle spawns adjusted, with some removed to facilitate the new Loot Truck routes


  • Remastered Sanhok will feature clear day, sunrise, sunset, and overcast weather types

Other changes

  • Due to the remake of ‘Getaway’ (previously Docks), Docks has been removed from TDM
  • Updated Sanhok will be available in both Normal/Ranked matches as well as in Custom matches
  • Old Sanhok will be no longer available in all game modes
  • New Sanhok themed lobby and BGM have been added
  • Adjusted the fade effect of the Blue Zone walls to look more natural

Survivor pass: payback

With the new season comes a new Survivor Pass. Payback lets players earn nearly 100 new skins as they explore the remastered island of Sanhok.

Mission tab adjustments

The follow three mission tabs have been removed:

  • Community Mission
  • Progression Mission
  • Beginner Mission

Changes in season missions

  • All mission sets are now available at season launch, rather than the previous system of unlocking new mission tracks on a monthly basis.
  • Complete all four types of Sanhok related missions to earn four unique weapon skins

Challenge mission

  • These are challenging missions based on survival
  • They are composed of a total of 16 missions, with the opportunity to earn you four face cover/camo items

Survivor pass XP

  • Players will now be able to acquire more XP proportional to the time survived in normal/ranked matches
  • Players can earn approximately 600 XP per one hour of normal gameplay and up to 7,200 XP per day


Gas Can improvements

The Gas Can improvements, which were postponed from Update 7.2, are now back with some changes.

  • Changes from 7.2 patchSpilled fuel was too easy to be spotted making difficult for players to make ambushes
  • Fuel now blends much better into the environment making it more difficult to spot
  • Fuel now splatters in puddles so once its lit, the flaming area is similar to that of a molotov
  • In Training Mode, we have decreased the number of Gas Cans and reduced how often they spawn.
  • You can now equip Gas Cans in the melee weapon slot
  • Press “attack” to pour gas on the ground. It takes around 7 seconds to empty the can
  • Spilled fuel can be set on fire with gunshots, molotovs, and grenade explosions
  • Fire deals the same damage as a molotov, but burns longer (~20 seconds)
  • Spilled fuel evaporates in about 3.5 minutes
  • You can also throw the Gas Cans the same way as melee weapons (aim, then press attack), which causes it to release some fuel upon landing, making it easier to ignite and explode
  • Gas Cans cannot be picked up or reused after being thrown, but can still explode
  • Changes to Gas Can explosions:Deals less initial damage. Max 40 dmg, which scales down with distance from the explosion
  • Now sets the nearby area on fire like a molotov, dealing damage over time

Matchmaking changes: NA, SA, OC only

Featured map and random map has been enabled.

  • Featured Map: Sanhok
  • Random Map: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Karakin
  • The featured map option will be available in normal matches until 8.2 update, where it will revert to full random. This may occur earlier,  depending on matchmaking times

Ranked mode: new season

A new Ranked Season has begun. Ranked Rewards for season seven will be distributed to players shortly after launching into the new season

  • Vikendi has been added to the Ranked map pool.
  • Player ranks have been reset
  • Players will be given their initial rank after 5 placement matches.
  • RP has been soft-reset, so your initial Season 8 placement will be influenced by your Season 7 rank.
  • Leaderboards have been reset

Game mode updates

  • Team placements
  • RP(Ranked Point) acquired based on players performance will have to account for Team placement rather than individual placement
  • When a player leaves a match even though teammates are still alive, placement points will be calculated based on the team placement at the very moment when the player leaves the match. If the player decides to stay with the teammates and the team wins the chicken dinner, the player’s placement point will be considered as 1st place
  • Bonus kill points
  • When killing an enemy player whose rank is higher than 5 divisions, (ex. Silver 5 killing Gold 5 player) player will be able to earn a bonus RP
  • The greater the difference in rank tiers, the more bonus RP granted to players
  • Killing a higher ranked player will grant bonus BP
  • RP Growth rate adjustment
  • To have players reach the rank best matching their skills, we have adjusted the RP growth rate 50 percent greater
  • The minimum Survival Mastery level to participate in Ranked Mode has been increased to level 40 (previously level 20)

Ranked mode ruleset update

With Vikendi being added to Ranked Mode, the devs have made some Ranked specific changes to the map and some additional changes across Ranked Mode as a whole.

  • Vikendi is now playable in Ranked mode.
  • Vikendi’s Blue Zone has been adjusted to more closely align with Ranked Mode circles
  • Red Zone is disabled in Ranked
  • Item Spawns
    • M249 and DBS are now world spawns in small numbers
    • Mosin-Nagant is now spawned on Erangel and Vikendi
    • A small number of Crossbows now spawn in the world
  • Vehicles
    • Vehicles can now spawn in the Esports hard spawn locations. But, in Ranked Mode, there isn’t a 100 percent chance they spawn in those locations.
    • Motor Gliders now spawn in Ranked
    • Motor Glider is only spawned on Erangel and Miramar
    • Motor Glider will have a small amount of fuel ready in the tank upon spawning
  • Flare Gun
    • You can no-longer call in the BRDM-2 with a Flare Gun.
    • It was proving a bit more powerful than we expected.

Survival mastery

  • Maximum amount of Survival mastery XP available per match is now set to 1500XP


  • Optimized unnecessary processes during opening and closing UI such as inventory and maps to reduce hitching
  • Desynchronized how the game loads inventory icons to reduce hitching during the icon loading process
  • The game now pre-loads the Blue Zone prior to match start to prevent hitching when the first Blue Zone spawns
  • Optimized the physical actors (objects) to improve CPU performance
  • Implemented thread scheduling optimizations to improve CPU performance


Footstep sound has been re-designed and remastered. To provide better sounds, the following improvements has been made:

  • Quality and details of the core sounds have been improved
  • Enhanced quality of footstep sounds over distance
  • Minimized the sound difference between bare feet and shoes


Improvements were made to ensure a more user friendly experience.

  • Simply drag & drop to place emotes in the emote wheel
  • All changes are now saved automatically
  • Numbers are now added to the emote wheel
  • Now you can click on the emote in the wheel to preview emotes
  • All of the emotes will be now reordered based on the date acquired.
  • Emotes acquired prior to Jan, 2020, won’t be listed accurately

In-game HUD improvement

  • Improved the boost icon so that players can visually distinguish the 2 different stages of running boost

Loading splash art improvement

  • Splash art has been modified to support to 4K resolution

New Notification

  • New visual notification has been added to the main menu Store tab to notify you when new items are added

UI design improvements

  • Unified the style of the drop-down menu and improved user experience
  • Unified the scroller status and enlarged the drag area to improve usability
  • Improved the style of tool tips to be more consistent

Custom match observer UI improvements

  • TOP 4 UI
  • New TOP 4 copy is displayed when only 4 team remains
  • Remaining team, number of players, match time on the top right will be changed to number of players remaining per each team / remaining time
  • This feature is activated only in Duo/Squad mode
  • Damage Indicator
  • Damage indicator has been improved to indicate all 360 degrees compared to previous 4 directions
  • The vertex of the damage indicator will indicate the direction of the shooter in real-time
  • The length of the indicator depends on the amount of damage received
  • The amount of damage received is displayed with damage amount accumulated for a short period
  • More damage indicator will be displayed according to the number of shooter dealing damage
  • Shooter information
  • Shooter’s Team logo, Team name(abbreviation), Player Name, and the damage is displayed next to the indicator
  • Improved Custom match interaction
  • Added a new interaction when hovering a cursor over the custom match slots

Social: team up system

Now you can easily ‘Team Up’ with other players who you’ve met in Normal and Ranked Matches.

  • In the match result screen of both Normal and Ranked Matches, you can now use the Team Up button to form a team
  • If in a premade team already, only the team’s host can activate the Team Up button
  • Death Cam will be still available after pressing the Team Up button
  • When Team Up is successful, the new team will be redirected to the game lobby screen after 5 seconds
  • If there are no other players left waiting on the match result screen, player won’t be able to activate Team Up

Friend list improvement

  • Friend list is now updated in real-time

New skins and items

  • Starfairy Weapon Set
  • Starfairy – Vector
  • Starfairy – SCAR-L
  • Starfairy – AWM
  • Corgi Helmet Set
  • Corgi Crew – Helmet (Level 1)
  • Corgi Crew – Helmet (Level 2)
  • Corgi Crew – Helmet (Level 3)
  • Corgi Backpack Set
  • Corgi Crew Backpack (Level 1)
  • Corgi Crew Backpack (Level 2)
  • Corgi Crew Backpack (Level 3)
  • Victory Dance 22

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where footstep sounds were not played correctly
  • Fixed the abnormally quiet footstep sound on certain floor types in large apartment buildings on Erangel
  • Fixed the issue where melee weapons teleport when thrown inside a vehicle
  • Fixed the awkward movement the 2nd player would make in the lobby when readying up


  • Fixing the floating part of the race track in Training Mode
  • Fixed the issue with certain object becoming invisible when using scopes in Training Mode
  • Fixed the issue where players who land on certain locations in mid-air unintentionally
  • Fixed the issue where windows in Cement Factory building would not break after players vaulted through them


  • Fixed the excessively narrow scroll bar located in the store menu
  • Fixed the system message displayed in wrong language when playing War Mode: Conquest
  • Fixed the false preview screen displayed in customize tab when previewing item boxes which are still on sale
  • Fixed the unnecessary penalty pop-up message displayed in ranked mode after spectating the players killer player
  • Fixed the issue where players were directed to wrong menu screen
  • Fixed the wrong season title displayed in the Career menu
  • Fixed the issue where observing player’s weapon UI is not correctly displayed

Skins and items

  • Fixed the issue where character’s neck could become invisible when equipping Biker Jacket and Ice Princess costume
  • Fixed the issue where part of Tenebres AKM weapon skin remained on the weapon even after changing to another weapon
  • Fixed the issue of PEL 2019 Phase 3 item displayed as other item
  • Fixed the clipping issue with Major Trouble costume with a character
  • Fixed the clipping issue with PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Trenchcoat and PGC 2019 Combat pants

Replay system

  • Fixed the abnormal camera view when exporting the replay in certain situations
  • Fixed the issue where other players are also getting kicked when kicking a player

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