Here’s every safe combination you need for ‘The Last of Us: Part 2’


Surviving the apocalypse in The Last of Us Part II can feel downright impossible without the proper tools by your side, and one way to claim more materials for your satchel is to steal them from locked safes littered throughout the landscape of post-apocalyptic Seattle. You’ll need to find the “Artifact” (usually a hand-written note in the area) to find the combination needed to unlock each safe.

This list includes every safe location and combination in Last of Us 2, broken down chapter by chapter. Can you collect all 14?

All Jackson safe locations in Last of Us 2

Chapter: Patrol (1 Safe)

Supermarket Safe

  • Code: 07-20-13
  • Reward: supplements, alcohol, parts

The first safe in Last of Us 2 can be found in the Patrol chapter when you infiltrate a supermarket. Once you head upstairs and head through a crack on the wall to spot an Employee of the Month board, take a sharp right. You’ll go through a metal door. Inside the room, you’ll find an artifact hinting at the safe combination and a picture of the goodest boy around! The safe is located directly adjacent to the artifact. Enter the combination 07–20-13 and the loot is yours!

All Seattle Day 1(Ellie) safe locations in Last of Us 2

Chapter: Downtown (3 Safes)

The big safeNaughty Dog/ Sony

(1 of 3) Bank safe

  • Code: 60-23-06
  • Reward: pump shotgun

Immediately after passing through Seattle Gate 2, you’ll spot a near-completely destroyed building, look inside to find an artifact hidden in a satchel. Pick it up for directions to a nearby bank. Once you’re in the bank, head to the room labeled “Safe Deposit Lockers.” Little does that label know, they’re not safe with you around. You can spot another satchel on the floor, containing the “Bank Heist Plans” artifact, which also includes the safe code. You can spot the safe in the same room that you’re currently in, it’s a bit hard to miss. The code is 60-23-06.

(2 of 3) Gate code safe

  • Code: 04-51
  • Reward: trading card, health kit, parts

Head to the old West 2 gate on Madison Street between 6th and 5th Ave. Enter the area using the checkpoint gate code list that you acquired earlier. The code is 0451. Once you’re inside, a big arrow will be on your right, pointing directly to the safe, suggesting that you use the same gate code to open the safe. With a simple 04-51, the contents are yours.

(3 of 3) Courthouse safe

  • Code: 86-07-22
  • Reward: parts, supplements, alcohol, ammo

Your bigtime hunt for gasoline will mandate that you trek through the courthouse at one point. When you go downstairs and spot an open elevator shaft on your left, keep running to the end of the hallway. There will be a locked door later on, break the window adjacent to that door to enter the room. The safe you’re looking for will be underneath one of the windowsills. The necessary combination is flat out written across the whiteboard for all to see. Enter 86-07-22 for your prize.

Chapter: Capitol Hill (1 Safe)

Thrift Store Safe

  • Code: 55-01-33
  • Reward: ammo, medicine

After you’ve hit the street where there are basically tripwires every few steps, look to your left for a Thrift Store. Inside the store, you’ll find the most thriftable thing of all, a safe. Nab the “Thrift Store Reminder” off the corkboard in the back, on the right, to get a hint of the safe combination. The safe will be located in the room opposite the corkboard. Warning when you open the door, an injured Clicker will be awaiting you inside. The code is 55-01-33.

All Seattle Day 2 (Ellie) safe locations in Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog/ Sony

Chapter: Hillcrest (1 Safe)

  • Code: 30-82-65
  • Reward: short gun holster, parts, ammo, explosive

Look for a dog grooming shop midway through the level, go inside, and go through a hole in the wall. There will be a corkboard on the wall with the “Dale’s Combo” artifact. It states the combination of a nearby safe located in an auto shop. This is a bit obtuse to find. Cut through a nearby tattoo parlor. When you exit through the backdoor, scan the area for grey letters reading “Auto.” Inside, you’ll find a safe, but look out, there are oodles of infected roaming inside as well. Once they’re taken out, use the code 30-82-65 to open get your goodies.

Chapter: The Seraphites (2 Safes)

Naughty Dog/ Sony

(1 of 2) Bedroom safe

  • Code: 10-08-83
  • Reward: ammo, supplements

As you’re waking down another ramshackle street, a white truck will appear beside you (pictured above). Scale the truck to reach a breakable window, break the said window, and enter the home. You’ll find a note on the table saying the combination is the date of their anniversary. Using the calendar next to the bed, you can deduce the code is 10-08-83.

(2 of 2) Pharmacy safe

  • Code: 38-55-23
  • Reward: alcohol, supplements, ammo, medicine

After you’ve defeated your first Scar brute and returned to Seatle’s flooded streets, look for Weston’s Pharmacy on your left. When you enter, the “Pharmacy Note” will be under the register. Grab it to learn the combination is 38-55-23. From the register, take a sharp left and venture deeper into the store. There will be a small crawl space nearby, crawl through to find the safe.

All Seattle Day 3 (Ellie) safe locations in Last of Us 2

Chapter: The Flooded City (1 Safe)

  • Code: 70-12-64
  • Reward: parts, ammo, alcohol, supplements

When you’re asked to open a gate to get your boat to the other side, refuse it. Instead, head upstairs, you’ll find a corpse holding the “Stash Note” artifact. Grab it to get the code for a safe. Beside the corpse, there will be a cart, move it to open up a crawl space to the corresponding safe. Use code 70-12-64 to loot that safe for everything it’s got!

All Seattle Day 1 (Abby) safe locations in Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog/ Sony

Chapter: On Foot (1 Safe)

Big Win safe

  • Code: 17-38-07
  • Reward: hunting pistol and ammo

Once you’ve completed the boat puzzle, you’ll find a smashable trailer that you can enter. Inside, in front of the coffee pot, there’s an artifact called “Paul to Marta letter” referencing a big win. Obviously you want to win big as well! Rob them of their spoils. Search their room and look at the lottery ticket, check out the numbers circled in red to discover the combination of 17-38-07. Exit the trailer to find the MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center, which you can enter via an amply sized wall crack. After shimmying in, the safe will be on your left.

Chapter: Hostile Territory (1 Safe)

Jasmine Bakery safe

  • Code: 68-96-89
  • Reward: supplements, ammo, medicine, binding

While traversing a tight Chinatown street, you’ll be able to the Ruby Dragon restaurant, which is vaguely covered in ivy. Ascend to the second floor using the stairs in the back. Once there, you’ll encounter a few clickers. After slaying the clickers, use the balcony to reach the other side of the street. Enter the room on your left. You’ll get an artifact letter from Mei to Bo, featuring the code 68-96-89. Head back to the street level and search for Jasmine Bakery, which has magenta signage and a boarded up front door. Use the window to under. The safe will be located behind the counter in the back.

Chapter: The Coast (1 Safe)

Mutiny Note safe

  • Code: 90-77-01
  • Reward: training manual, parts, ammo

After picking up your Crossbow on the boat, head to the end of the hallway. There will be an artifact called “Mutiny Note” sitting beneath a WTA logo on the wall, this will include the code for your next safe, 90-77-01. Head to the ship’s bow to find a safe to use that fancy new code on.

All Seattle Day 2 (Abby) safe locations in Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog/ Sony

Chapter: The Shortcut (1 Safe)

Neighbor Exchange safe

  • Code: 30-23-04
  • Reward: parts, explosive, ammo

After launching yourself from the broken highway, smash some glass to enter an apartment. If you spot a tabletop game, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Look for a whiteboard in the kitchen to acquire the “Neighbor Exchange” artifact, which is sitting below it, containing the code, 30-23-04. Make a 180 and head for a nearby closet to redeem your safe code.

Chapter: The Descent (1 Safe)

Gym safe

  • Code: 12-18-79
  • Reward: alcohol, binding, supplements, explosive

Head on down to the Orchard’s store. If you dash past the register, trotting into the kitchen you’ll find the “Gym Safe Combo” artifact pinned to a nearby bulletin board. The note informs you that there’s a safe just for employees (what a perk!) in the closet. The combination is the same as the Wi-Fi password. While the Wi-Fi password is in the exorcise room, which can be found by cutting through the pool area. The combination is 12-18-79. You’ll see a Wi-Fi symbol to denote the space. From the symbol scan the area for signs reading “Exit” and “21st floor.” To the left of those signs, there will be a janitor’s closet containing the safe.

The Last of Us 2 is now available for PS4

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