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Hertfordshire police strongly condemn ‘convenient’ attack on press after newspaper printer blockade

Hertfordshire police are on fire for failing to quell an uproar over the abolition of newspaper printing presses on Friday.

XR Action found that protesters had blocked the printing presses in Brooksburn, Hertfordshire and Knowlesley near Liverpool, preventing newspapers from leaving the depot on this day.

The protest, which began at around 10pm on Friday, left hundreds of Britons unable to read their newspapers on Saturday morning as protesters were not cleared by 10am the next day.

The police response to allegations that Hertfordshire police “assisted” the attack has now been condemned.

It comes after it was revealed that XR’s intent to target newspaper printings was published nine months ago, as well as claiming that police sent only six officers to the Brooksburn plant after the alarm was raised on Friday night.

The Hertfordshire Constabulary said in a statement: “The right to protest is well-established in this country and we are committed to facilitating peaceful protest and ensuring compliance with the law.”

However, this position was criticized by several high-profile individuals.

Former Home Secretary David Blankett says: ‘I think they’re mixing the historic debate over this. [union] Playing with protests related to political issues, which can be dealt with through the general democratic process. ‘

Richard Walton, former head of the Mets Counterterrorism Command and a senior associate at the Policy Exchange, said Friday’s protest showed how the group had moved from neutral defenders to “organize organized crime, and should behave like them.”

“Their actions undermine our democracy and strengthen extremist parties like the XR.”

The XR action found that protesters had blocked newspapers from leaving the depot, targeting the printing work of the Newsprint printers in Brooksburn, Hertfordshire and Knowlesley, near Liverpool.

Former Home Secretary David Blanket Criticizes Police Response to Extinction Rebellion Activities

Ian Austin, a Labor MP, told the Telegraph: “The police have to support the law, people have to go to work and read the papers of their choice.”

Donachad McCarthy, XR spokesman for the Brooksbourne protest, said only six officers took part in the protest around 10pm, a report that had not been reported to police.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police declined to confirm how many officers were present.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The XR planned to target the media in October last year, and documents published by Robert Murdoch, the Telegraph Media Group, and the Daily Mail and the General Trust reportedly caused the most disruption.

A document obtained by a Sunday newspaper last December showed that Brooksburn had only one exit to go on a busy street, making it clear how ‘weak’ Brooksburn was.

Morside police say 226 people have been charged between 1990 and 1960 since the protests at the News International premises in Nowsell on Friday night.

They are scheduled to appear in Liverpool and Nowshela Magistrates ‘Court and St. Helens Magistrates’ Court on January 8 and 13 next year.

Police said 226 people were granted bail on condition that they did not enter Mercedes or contact News International staff.

Sources confirm that Preity Patel wants to take a “new look” at how the Climate Change Group has been classified under the law.

More than 100 protesters used vehicles and bamboo lock-ons to block roads outside the work of the newsprint on Friday evening, both protests continued until Saturday afternoon.

Hertfordshire police say they have taken 50 people into custody.

XR apologized to the media for the discrepancy, but added that Mr Murdoch had called on him to “stop suppressing the truth about the climate crisis and stop benefiting from your paperwork.”

Official sources have confirmed that Home Secretary Preity Patel wants to see a “new look” on how the XRR has been classified under the law, after Boris Johnson’s stance was deemed “completely unacceptable”.

The review could lead to XR being considered an organized crime group, sources said, as part of a crackdown on its activities by blocking various cities in the UK on major roads and disrupting public transport.

Under the additional proposals, parliament, courts and the media could be given special status for the important role they play in democracy, and the police could be empowered to beef up to stop intruders in designated areas outside such premises.

“It would be illegal for MPs to stop voting or for judges to go to court and it would also protect a free press,” an official source told PA.

Foreign Secretary Dominic RAB said he thought police already had the power to deal with the protests.

Speaking on Sky News’ Sophie Ridge on Sunday, she said: “We always review all our laws, but I think the law is in place to take appropriate action against criminal conduct.”

Protesters in the extinct rebellion blocked the entrance to a printing house in Brooksburn, Hertfordshire, on Saturday morning, leaving some news agents empty.

Protesters have been seen refusing to pay ড 10,000 in fines for violating coronavirus restrictions.

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Pierce was last week fined the first নে 10,000 in London for holding an illegal rally after a rally claiming the coronavirus was a hoax.

The 10,000-year-old meteorologist led more than 10,000 anti-lockdown leaders at a ‘Unit for Freedom’ rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday.

Mr Corbin, the former Labor leader’s older brother, was seen by officers after the ceremony as a victim of harassment and confirmed on his Twitter account that he had been slapped with a hefty fine and “held for ten hours.”

He was among eight other criminals fined in the rest of England under a new lockdown imposed on Friday aimed at disrupting gatherings of more than 30 people.

The other fines that were imposed were all organizing a rave or house party.

The members of the extinction rebellion seem to have avoided this punishment.

Criticizing and responding to Ms Patel that their work was an ‘attack on our free press’, XR said:’ Our free press is being attacked by society and democracy – a failed government that is constantly lying to us, becoming increasingly authoritarian and our four Degrees are leading to warming. “

The protest has been criticized for being politically motivated.

The move was racist, as well as “immigration policy, the rights and treatment of minority groups and dozens of other issues,” an XR statement said.

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