HK Truck Driver COVID-19 Positive After Returning from Shenzhen –


Late last night, a notice was sent out by local authorities alerting the public of a confirmed coronavirus case from an individual who recently returned to Hong Kong from Shenzhen on July 22. 

The Hong Kong Health Protection Center reported that a truck driver, surnamed Zhu, was diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday. His travel history is as follows:

  • Zhu entered Shenzhen on July 18 with a negative nucleic acid test and stayed at Panshan Huayuan Community on Liantang Jiedao in Luohu district.

  • He visited Xingshenfa Printing Fonts in Nianfeng Hi-tech Industrial Park and Lianfeng Stone Mill Intestine Noodle Shop. Both places are located in Longgang district.

As Zhu may have been an asymptomatic carrier during his stay in Shenzhen, free nucleic acid tests will be provided for all residents of the community he stayed at.

If you feel unwell or have visited any of these places, please visit your nearest hospital to get tested for COVID-19. Click here for a list of 29 hospitals in Shenzhen that offer testing. 

With over 100 new daily cases in Hong Kong, the special administrative region has extended mandatory 14-day quarantine for arrivals until December 31, 2020 and will ban dining at restaurants entirely, starting Wednesday. Elsewhere in China, cases have been rising in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Liaoning province, resulting in large-scale testing. 

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