How new ambulance and gear will help Eau Claire firefighters


Eau Claire (WQOW) – The Eau Claire Fire Department has a new ride to help save lives, and it also comes with some valuable new equipment.

The 2020 Lifeline Superliner is replacing a 2004 Lifeline ambulance at fire station 10 in Eau Claire.

The new ambulance, also known as Medic 10, now comes with a power cot and power load. This gear helps lift patients so crews reduce the risk of hurting their backs.

It also comes with new Cradlepoint Technology, which helps manage their Wi-Fi, write more accurate incident reports and gives first responders a priority band in case cell towers get overloaded.

Deputy Chief Jon Schultz said last year, the previous Medic 10 was the busiest ambulance in the city, responding to more than 2,600 calls for service.

“It always helps for morale to see something like that,” said Schultz. “We’ve went to a new patch and a new emblem and the crews are really happy with that. Then also, everybody likes the new paint scheme of black over red and then also just the usability of it with the new equipment on there. They’re really excited about that.”

Schultz said the truck portion of the ambulance cost $220,000. The power cot and power load cost $45,000.

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