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Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Kyle Godsey


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -”They bring me joy because they bring me packages,” said Jayden Puckett.

To many UPS may just be another delivery company that leaves packages on your front doorstep, but for Jayden, it is more than just a brown box left at the door.

“I had a delivery for Jayden’s house and I stepped out of the truck and went to the front porch and both Jayden and his dad were standing on the porch. He had the full UPS gear on to match me. He had all of his trucks laid out and everything. I found out real quick that he was a big fan of the company,” said Kyle Godsey, hero.

One day Kyle even gave Jayden the chance to experience things behind the wheel of the famous brown delivery truck.

“I looked right at him and asked him If he wanted to just hop into my truck, and I could tell that he just really wanted to get into the truck. I told him to honk the horn and look in the mirror and he was checking out the speedometer and he was just like a little kid in a candy store. It was pretty cool to get to watch him get so excited,” added Godsey.

“Kyle just warmed up to Jayden and just let him on the truck and let him sit behind the wheel and was just absolutely wonderful with him,” said Dulcie Puckett, Jayden’s mother.

After the encounter, Jaydens mom thought this story should be shared with those who might be in need of good news right now. So she nominated Kyle for Hometown Hero.

“I wanted to nominate Kyle because I wanted to give him some recognition for giving attention to Jayden, my son Jayden also has autism. There is so much going on in the world and there is so much negativity and things so it was just something I thought would be a great story. You know maybe open a door and turn a light on for individuals with Autism and shed some light because not a lot of people know about Autism,” said Dulcie Puckett.

“I was trying to stay humble about it and say it wasn’t a big deal at all. I was just glad to make his day. I got the news that I had been nominated and I just thought that was so cool. I was proud to honor UPS and the Campbellsville center and all that we stand for and do. It was a lot of fun,” added Godsey.

For taking time out of his day to inspire the life of a little boy, who sees him as his hero, we honor Kyle Godsey as this week’s Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

“Jayden has just started talking over the last couple of years and of course the clarity is not the greatest. But we can still understand him. He uses a device that helps him. One of the first few things that he did say and used his device for, was to tell us that he wanted UPS,” added Dulcie Puckett.

“I love Kyle,” said Jayden.

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